Wordless Wednesday: Beautiful Pictures of Cody and Sierra

I was looking for some good pictures of Cody and Sierra for this Wordless Wednesday BlogHop and dug up these gems I took awhile ago with our Canon Rebel with a standard 50mm lens.  I think it shows what that quality camera equipment really makes all the difference when taking pictures.

English shepherd english shepherdIf you are thinking of investing in a better point-and-shoot or DSLR (Digital Single Len Reflex) camera I would highly recommend spend the money.  Your smartphone pictures might come out ok and I've taken plenty of good ones, but you can't compare that with the quality you get from better camera equipment in my opinion.

What do professional and amateur photographers think?  Do you get annoyed when people think their smartphones can do the job?  How do you convince you friends, family, neighbors, etc. that you've got the good equipment?

2 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Beautiful Pictures of Cody and Sierra”

  1. As much as I love my Rebel, I gave it to one of my children (older teen who’s an artist). I can’t capture shots with it the way I do with my iPhone 5. The camera is large, won’t fit in my pocket, can’t be toted everywhere and whipped out in two seconds. The phone is always with me, no fuss, no bulk. Of course, I’m not a professional photographer, just a professional blogger. But my photos are good enough for blogging purposes. That said, there really is nothing like using a real camera for the best shots.

    1. Sounds like your son really lucked out there! 🙂

      The iPhone 5 takes pretty great pictures and works fine for blogging. I use my smartphone for some pictures too as it is easier and more convenient. Like you said nothing beats using a real camera for the best pics and these pictures of Cody and Sierra reflect that. Would you expect a wedding photographer to show-up with an iPhone or smartphone? Probably not.

      The thing with a DSLR is that you really should take a basic photography class if you want to get the most out of the camera. Most of the time people just buy a Canon Rebel or another consumer grade camera and don’t know how to work it. It’s a greater time investment and learning curve but the results are sooo such much better when you get it down.

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