Why Move for the Dishwasher?

If I was to describe Sierra in 1-word it would probably be, “Spunky!”  She's also been called a “Firecracker” and other terms that are not so flattering and start with a “B.”  No matter how you say it Sierra is one tough and strong-minded girl.

One clear example of this is when we are doing dishes and open the dishwasher.  Most dogs would move out of the way but Sierra… nope she's fine where she is.  Sierra will not move for the dishwasher and is quite comfortable.  She always gives us a look, “Why move for the Dishwasher?”  Apparently Sierra expects the dishwasher to move for her.

sierra dishwasherLook at Sierra's face, she's quite fine where she is.  Since there is enough room when the dishwasher door is down I guess it's fine if she lays there.  Still we think it is funny she doesn't move, since Cody would if he was laying under the dishwasher.

Does your dog also like to hangout under the dishwasher?  Do you have dogs that won't move when you need them?  Tell us below.


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