Wet Rainy Day makes Cody not Want to Play

cody raincoatToday was a really wet and rainy day.  Unsure of where Spring went but Winter was definitely trying to clay it's way back.  It wasn't just Spring showers though as later in the day, probably aroudn 3-4pm the temperature started to drop rapidly.  Right now as I'm writing this it is about 36 degrees, according the computer, outside but if you went out it feels colder because it is so wet.

Even though it's cold and rainy as most dog owners know… you still have to walk dogs so they can do their “business.”  Today like other days we decided it would be best to use our dog raincoats to save ourselves time from cleaning up wet dogs when we got back from a walk.  I've documented before how both dogs hate wearing dog raincoats though.

I put Cody's raincoat on, which I could tell he wasn't happy about, but assumed he would get used to after awhile.  I then started getting ready to outside, putting on boots, getting a raincoat on and then I took a look at Cody.  He hadn't moved at all from where I put the dog raincoat on him and he just looked quite sad.  I reassured him, “Cody you look good! You look like a rescue dog.”  (I mean a dog that rescues people and not a dog that needs rescuing.) He didn't seem convinced as he just kept looking embarrased.  Admittedly I did take a picture of him which seemed to add insult to injury as Cody flet wearing the dog raincoat was pretty terrible.  I'm sure he thought, “Yeah right I look like a rescue dog, your taking pictures and smiling.”

I tried to get Cody to move from his position by pushing him and pulling him.  It was no use since his embarrassment ran deep and he was staying put.  “I'm not going outside like this!” is what he seemed to say.  To get him to the front door I took off the raintcoat temporarily and he seemed very happy about not having the raincoat on.  Of course I put it back on him before we went out for a walk.

Sierra seems to feel embarrassed by her red dog raincoat but she doesn't have expressions like Cody does.  She usually just tries to run away.

How do you deal with wet dogs on a rainy day?  Have any similar stories you want to share?

As for the bad weather today we can only hope that April showers bring May flowers.


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