We’re Going to BarkWorld 2013!

barkworld 2013

We're headed to BarkWorld 2013 in Atlanta!  Ohhhh yeah!

Well technically only I am going and not the Singing Dogs.  Sorry Cody and Sierra but it is a bit stressful to bring you guys to a pet blogging conference.  Although we would like to hear their singing they will be at the BarkWorld 2013 in spirit.

Originally I thought we were not going to be able to attend since we didn't win the BarkWorld Blogging Challenge.  Even though I thought my “9 Reasons I Need to Attend BarkWorld” post was pretty amazing, Rebecca and Garth Riley won the ticket.  I was happy someone else was going but upset we didn't get the ticket.

Fortunately The World According to Garth Riley ran a contest for another BarkWorld ticket.  I thought I would at least give it a shot since hey, you miss 100% of the shots you don't take right?  I followed the rules and shared the post and left a comment.  Well… to my surprise we actually won the ticket.

While the ticket does not included airfare and a hotel, it only includes admission to BarkWorld 2013, we still feel lucky.  I was looking for a BarkWorld Sponsor but I wasn't able to find any company that wanted to sponsor us.  Not cool!

We are excited to be going as this is our first time attending BarkWorld.  Also we will get to meet people from the pet blogosphere which we didn't have time to meet-up with at BlogPaws.  Some people who didn't go to BlogPaws we also will be happy to see.

If you are going to BarkWorld 2013 and would like to talk, please send me an email – adam AT singingdogs.net – and let me know.  You can also Tweet us @DogsSing or my handle @AdamYamada to let us know that you are going.  I'd love to meet people in person we haven't gotten to meet up with.

If you wished you could be going to BarkWorld but couldn't due to time or money restrictions we hope to be able to sponsor other pet bloggers and pet rescues next year.   That is if Cody and Sierra become huge pet superstars from a deal we make at BarkWorld 2013 and we can all retired in Hawaii.  🙂

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