The Singing Dogs won’t Be attending BlogPaws this Year


We've gotten some emails and questions about whether the Singing Dogs and I will be attending BlogPaws 2014 next month in Las Vegas.  Unfortunately the answer is ,”No” we won't be.

While I could definitely go myself without Cody and Sierra, and obviously it would fun to go to Las Vegas, it doesn't make sense for us to attend this year.   At last year's BlogPaws in Tysons Corner, Virginia we made a lot of great connections and had a lot of fun.  I was totally blown away by all of the pet products and services and the whole online and offline community there is centered around pets.   We even won a Bissell Spotbot which has come in handy several times.

I know I would probably have a good time at BlogPaws this year.  The issue is most of the people attending BlogPaws from our experience last year have vastly different goals.

Some might be wondering what the ultimate goals are for the Singing Dogs?  We'd like to see Cody and Sierra or their videos on a commercial or used in a movie or TV show.  Especially since both Cody and Sierra are good looking dogs. 🙂

We did actually have an offer from a company called Viral Spiral to license our videos.  However they were clear they don't promote the videos.  They just wait until companies come to them and they have a stockpile of funny clips a company can use for a commercial.  From exchanging with the Viral Spiral representative they do not promote the videos in front of companies at all.  I found this a bit odd and they didn't want to talk with me on the phone so we passed. 

Also we'd like to publish a children's book series about the Singing Dogs.  Since the dogs are real, and when you pet Cody it's like petting a stuffed animal, I don't see why a publisher wouldn't want to market children's books about the Singing Dogs.  We've had a really hard time trying to find an book agent though.  Little did we know that children's book publishing is the most competitive publishing industry niche. 🙁

Most people that attend BlogPaws are thinking of catching small fish.  Basically what I am saying is we are working on catching a big fish or whale.  I don't just want to do sponsored article posts or whatever.  I'm sure they are a lot of big dreamers at BlogPaws too but most of the conference is catered to people who are just starting out or don't have that much knowledge.

Also I've been active in the private BlogPaws community and people don't seem to appreciate advice.  Well at least advice we leave.  We've answered question about Worpdress, SEO (search engine optimization), monetization, and basic things regarding starting and running a website.  When I do answer questions here and there people don't seem to notice or care.  We are happy to give advice but it really only makes sense when people genuinely appreciate an answer.  Everyone in the forum really just seems interested in discussing social media too.  This is fine but but we not that interested in just social media talk.  It is called “BlogPaws” right?

To accomplish our goals we will probably have to go to different conferences and conventions outside of BlogPaws.  (Hence attending Affiliate Summit last Summer.)  Since we have limited funds we have to pick and choose.  If we had a movie deal or a company sponsored our trip we'd probably would have attended this year. 🙂

If you are looking for connections in the pet industry BlogPaws is a conference we'd recommend you attend.  I've been asked about BlogPaws a few times and have actually recommended it to several people.  We don't' see it benefiting us this year though.

Anyway for those of you attending BlogPaws in Las Vegas I hope you have a great time.

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