Wordless Wednesday: Cody and Sierra at Sherwood Gardens

Lately I have been taking Cody and Sierra to Sherwood Gardens, which is a famous Baltimore park, often on our daily walks now that is is Spring.  The walk there for us isn't too bad and both dogs really love seeing the Tulips, which are in full bloom right now, and all the people who come to enjoy Sherwood Gardens.

I took this picture of Cody and Sierra while we were at Sherwood Gardens the other day.  The day I took this picture at Sherwood Gardens it was a bit overcast at the park.  However, the picture came out really well and it almost looks like I went to edit and smooth out the image, but I didn't.  I like how happy the dogs look and how surreal the picture is.  It looks like a painting or piece of art.  (Ok, I might be getting a bit over-my-head now.)

sherwood gardens

I hope everyone likes my Wordless Wednesday picture.  What do you think?  Leave a comment below and let us know!