Spring has left Temporarily

It seems Spring has left us temporarily.  It got cold again last night and and last time I checked the temperature it said it was 22* degrees Fahrenheit.  When will it be Spring people?

Winter is fun for awhile but the Singing Dogs and I would really like to see some warmer weather.  When I asked “Is Spring here for Good?” I guess the answer was no. 🙁

If you are tired of the cold weather and want to see Spring, leave a comment below.  I know Spring is just around the corner, hopefully.

Is Spring Here for Good?


Some of you might remember our post from a few days ago “When will it be Spring?”  It seemed like the cold weather would never go away.  Well… finally today it got warm and it was an incredibly nice day.

We decided to take the dogs for a nice long walk to Sherwood Gardens.  Along the way it was clear that lots of other people were enjoying the nice warm 50-60 degree (Fahrenheit in case any Europeans where wondering or you like to use Celsius) weather too.  We saw lots of runners, kids on bikes and scooters, adults on bicycles, other dogs, etc.  Seems like everyone came out of their house for a little bit today in Maryland to enjoy the better weather from this long and harsh winter.

From what I can tell the forecast looks like it will be nice, but on Wednesday and Thursday it is supposed to be cold and rainy.  This makes washing muddy dog paws a real pain. 🙁 It's already a PIA with all the melted snow in the yard making the place a mud pit instead of a backyard.

Anyway, if it was nice where you live, how are you enjoying the nice weather and the start of Spring?  At least we hope the start of Spring is upon us.