Singing Dogs were not on The One Show

I got another email from the Icon Films producer about the Singing Dogs yesterday.  Sorry to inform everyone but unfortunately… Cody and Sierra's “Dogs Have the Blues” video was not featured in the Canine Concert documentary about dogs and music the other night on The One Show.

Due to time issues the video was apparently cut out of the documentary at the last minute before it aired on TV.  Even though we posted about the Singing Dogs being featured on the BBC One Show the other day it seems the producer didn't realize our video was edited out until after the show aired in Britain.  We were told before The One Show aired on the BBC channel one that Cody and Sierra were going to be featured which is why we posted about it.

Oh well, that's show business sometimes.  You think something will happen and at the last minute it doesn't.  Most people don't know this but our Anderson segment when I was talking with Anderson Cooper was cut down a lot.

If you are in the United Kingdom and want to see Cody and Sierra's videos on the BBC or TV in across the pond, please share our videos and let people know.


Original Dogs Have the Blues [VIDEO]

dogs have the blues

Yesterday we posted about Cody and Sierra's appearance on the BBC One Show in a documentary about dogs and music.  I'm not sure if they used our “Dogs Have the Blues” video but I realized that I hadn't post our original “Dogs Have the Blues” on our website yet.  I did post this video of the Singing Dogs jamming to the blues but the original one that is up on our Youtube channel has only been posted on our Video page.

So here is our original “Dogs Have the Blues” video which I believe was used on the BBC One Show for the documentary which aired in the UK last night.

Dogs Have the Blues

Let us know if you like this blues improvisation over our other video and what you think.  I think we sound pretty good but you never know.  Cody and Sierra seem to really like it when I just run blues scales on my saxophone.  I guess these Dogs have the Blues!  Of course their lives are pretty easy but I'm not sure if they think that.

If you are looking for more blues dogs videos you might remember when Sierra was teaching a foster puppy we had named Scout to sing.  Sierra and Scout improvised the blues.  Scout wasn't quite singing all the time, he was sort of barking, but I thought Sierra and him made a good musical duo even if the band was not together for long.  That's the way some bands are.

We'll let everyone know when we get the DVD from producers of the “Canine Concert” documentary that featured Cody and Sierra.  We hope we will get more offers from our UK cousins for gigs.

Singing Dogs will be featured on BBC One Show

bbc one show

UPDATE: Unfortunately our video was edited out of the documentary on The One Show at the last minute before it aired. 🙁

Hey everyone, we just got some great news from across the pond as they like to say.  A documentary is going to air on the BBC One Show in the UK (United Kingdom) called “Canine Concert” and it will feature Cody and Sierra.  The documentary is about dogs and music and who better to showcase that than the Singing Dogs?

Unsure of which video they are going to use since we sent the production company a bunch of videos and said they could use whatever they thought was best for the One Show documentary.  I believe they will be using our Dogs Have the Blues video since I sent that one to them via a cloud sharing service.

The documentary that will air on the The One Show “Canine Concert” is extremely short to my understanding, about 5 minutes or so.  At least that's what they originally told me.  Still it will be exciting that Cody and Sierra will be shown on TV in the UK.  They are “English Shepherds” after all and Britain could be considered their “homeland.”  Check out their great version of God Save the Queen if you haven't.

According to the production flyer Icon Films, the production company that made the documentary, sent it will air on the BBC One Show on Thursday, March 13th at 7:00pm on the BBC One channel.  As of this writing it hasn't aired since the UK is 5 hours ahead of the United States but will soon.

We will keep everyone updated once we get the documentary from Icon Films.  They will send us a DVD of it once it airs on the BBC One Show and the Singing Dogs and I will be excited to get it.  We just hope it doesn't take too long.

If you live in the UK (or Great Britain) and saw the documentary on The One Show, let us know how you liked it “Canine Concert” and if you saw Cody and Sierra.

Beating out a Wikipedia Page in Google is Damn Hard

wikipedia pageSome of you that follow Singing Dogs closely might remember we posted that we had a 1 SERP Ranking in Google.  (I should clarify we rank first for a text links to a website and webpage.  Videos technically have the 1 number spot.)  We were all pretty happy about this SEO development for our website… until I noticed a week later we dropped down to the 2nd spot in Google for the search phrase “Singing Dogs.”

I'll admit to everyone that I've been in a battle with a Wikipedia page for the number 1 position ever since.  (If you are curios to know that page is about New Guinea Singing Dogs.  I wonder if Cody and Sierra are related?)  For now and as of this writing we have the number 1 spot again but it was a lot of work trying to reclaim the SERP (search engine result pages) position in Google.

While I always knew that trying to outrank a Wikipedia page is damn hard, I didn't realize it was going to be this hard.  Especially considering the search term “Singing Dogs” doesn't get as many monthly search queries as you would expect.  Also it annoys me that Google changes it's algorithm so readily and it still doesn't take down spammy and crappy pages, even if you report them.

I'm curios to know if any pet bloggers, other types of bloggers, search marketers, etc. have also had a similarly difficult experience of trying to outrank a Wikipedia page in Google?  What about for non-competitive keywords and search phrases?  Was it still hard to dethrone the monster that is Wikipedia?

1 SERP ranking in Google for “Singing Dogs”

Thought I would let everyone in on some good news for the Singing Dogs.  We now have a number 1 search engine results page (SERP) ranking for the term “Singing Dogs.”  See the screenshot I took below;

singing dogs serp

This makes me pretty excited since I've been working on getting our website to the number 1 Google spot for quite a long time.  It feels good to finally outrank everyone else for the term even if it is not highly searched for.

I wish we had a video in the first two spots, but hey, you can't win ever single battle.

Happy New Year 2013

The Singing Dogs just wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year 2013!  We appreciate all of our fans and readers of this blog and hope that 2014 brings you good luck.

What better way to bring in the New Year with a great rendition of Auld Lang Syne by Cody and Sierra.  Remember this was the video that got us on “Anderson” with Anderson Cooper.

Singing Dogs “Auld Lang Syne”

Pretty cool!  I still like how in the end of “Auld Lang Syne” Sierra decides that she is done and can leave and encourages Cody to do the same.

Sierra is a bit of a dog diva and will only sing under certain circumstances.  For instance sometimes she prefers to sing lying down on her side.

Sierra Lazily Sings “Auld Lang Syne”

If you like our versions of “Auld Lang Syne” be sure share them to bring in the New Year.  Let us know if you have any New Year's Resolutions that you are going to try to keep.  Anything Resolutions that involve pets or animals?  Let us know below.

Happy New Year!