Cody and Sierra’s Vegetarian/Mixed Dog Food

We like to feed Cody and Sierra vegetarian dog food.  We don't have anything against meat eaters or people who give their dogs or pets food with fish, meat, chicken or other animal products.  We eat fish and chicken too (not much red meat though).

We have noticed that our dogs breath smells much better when we feed them vegetarian dog food as opposed to dog food with meat or animal products in it though.  As well as their mmm… dog excrement (poop) smells much better too.  It makes a difference when you have to pick it up you know! 🙂

However, if we have leftover chicken, fish, pasta, etc. we like to give that to the dogs to vary their diets.  We feel it's a good use of leftovers which otherwise would be wasted and gives the dogs a variety of food, even if it's meat.  I personally think “real meat” we give them is much healthier then any processed crappy dog food.

I was wondering if other people share the same feelings about dog food?  What type of dog food do you feed your dogs or pets? Do you give them people food?