Sierra and Poisonous Holly Berries


So today I was outside playing with Cody and Sierra.  Cody is usually a ball and frisbee hog and who doesn't always let Sierra fetch.  (We are working on this with him.)  While Sierra was off doing her own thing while Cody was being his usual obsessive frisbee hog I guess I didn't see that there were some poisonous Holly berries that had fallen on the ground from the Holly bush that was have in the backyard.  Guess who was eating some of the Holly berries?  Sierra!

I immediately ran over to Sierra and, “Sierra! NO! Stop eating that!” She jumped away and looked at me funnily as if to say, “What? I am hungry and just eating you know!”  I started to get concerned because I wasn't sure how many Holly berries Sierra had eaten and if she was going to get sick from eating these.  I checked her eyes, felt her stomach, and checked for anything that looked out of place or weird.  I thought she might start showing symptoms of being sick from the Holly berries, but Sierra was not acting weird and looked fine.

At this point I wasn't sure what to do, call the vet?  Take her over to the vet? I mean, I don't want to be a bad dog parent but we didn't want to take her to the vet unnecessarily.   Since most pet owners know it can get expensive very quickly.

Instead I thought we would take a short walk to Sherwood Gardens.  This way I could see if Sierra was having symptoms and being her usual old Sierra self.  If Sierra started showing any signs of getting sick, I thought at that point I would call and take her to the veterinarian immediately.

As we were walking along though she seemed fine.  Nothing out of the ordinary and she even did the Sierra look when I turned to start walking back.  Sierra has this look and will just stand and look at with eyes that say, “Hey I don't want to back to the house. Let's keep walking
!” It's sad but funny look and Cody usually wants to back to the house, so we can play more frisbee or ball with a Chuckit of course.

After returning to the house from the walk I determined that Sierra was fine and that I didn't have much to worry about.  I watched her for awhile and then decided just be safe I would call the vet and ask about what we should do.  They said that if it was within the hour we should induce vomiting by forcing Hydrogen Peroxide down Sierra's throat.  Since I think 2-3 hours had already passed, it wasn't necessary and would have been too late.  Good to know in the future in case she swallows something else bad, which knowing Sierra she will probably do.

After the talk with the vet it seemed like Sierra was going to be fine.  She obviously didn't eat enough of the Holly berries to make her sick, but she did eat some.  If she had eaten more she probably would have gotten sick.  At least everything is ok now, but Sierra gave us a scare today.

I guess we might have to remove the Holly bush in the back.  Since Sierra seems to like them.

Have any stories about your dog eating something bad?  Please leave a comment and let people know.

One ChuckIt, Two ChuckIt… Five Chuckits?

I noticed a few days ago that we seem to have acquired 5 ChuckIt's, which I feel is quite a lot for a family with only two dogs.

For those that don't have dogs or have dog or dogs and have never heard of a ChuckIt, it is essentially a plastic device that is used to play fetch with your dog.

The award-winning original Chuckit! Ball Launcher is a total revolution in fetch technology, designed for hands-free ball pickup without bending over, and throws the ball 3 times farther than you can with your arm.

Reads the ChuckIt product description.  It is definitely able to throw a ball a lot farther then you could with your own arm which makes your dogs more tired and happy.  It also adds a different layer to your fetch game.

In the picture below you can see all the different models we have for Cody and Sierra's enjoyment.


The various models in the picture are the small Pocket Ball Launcher ChuckIt ($6.34 on Amazon), the regular long handled ChuckIt Ball Launcher ($10.21 on Amazon),  the long handled Ultra Grip Ball Launcher Chuckit ($13.17 on Amazon) which I highly recommend since it's much more comfortable, and a medium sized Junior Ball ChuckIt ($9.12 on Amazon).

Yes, I know there are only 4 ChuckIts in the picture and I only mentioned 4 but we seem to have lost 1 of the medium sized Junior Ball models.  Not sure if we left that one at the dog park one day or if it is in closet hiding somewhere.

After examining our collection of fetch devices for our dogs I started to realize why we had so many.  First we started off with the large ChuckIt but I was inadvertently throwing the ball out of the yard.  We got the medium-sized Junior Ball Chuckit which was great for your yard, but then we started to like to play in the house with Cody.  That ChuckIt was too large for playing in the house which made us buy the smallest Pocket Ball Chuckit.  Then I believe we decided that the large ChuckIt grip was uncomfortable so we decided to buy yet another model, the Ultra Grip ChuckIt.

It seems like we are crazy but it is actually Cody's favorite game and activity is playing fetch with a ChuckIt.  He is actually a little obsessed with too obsessed with the game.  Sometimes I look at his eye when we are playing and he is sooo happy it seems like he's on drugs.  Does else's dog have the same affinity and love for ChuckIt?

ChuckIt Cody

Wish I had come up with these great fetch toys because they are really helpful for getting Cody tired when he isn't so annoying about wanting to play fetch.