Cody’s 6th Birthday

Today is Cody's 6th Birthday. Happy Birthday Cody!

For celebrating Cody's 6th birthday we decided that we get him a some special treats and a few new toys.  This included a Pup Pie, a new Frisbee, and a bouncy ball.  Since Sierra would be jealous if we just go Cody toys and not her we decided to get her a Frisbee and bouncy ball too.  Today is Sierra's Un-Birthday I guess.

To have fun some fun we got out some SpongeBob SquarePants party hats and put them on us and the dogs for some fun pictures.  Cody and Sierra didn't seem to mind too much.   At least I hope we are not being bad dog parents. What do you think?

happy birthday codyAfter hat pictures we thought we give Cody his Pup Pie.  (Sierra got some too.)  We also got small cupcakes for ourselves and put a candle in it.  Not sure if this was the best idea on our part.

dog birthday cakeAs you can see from the picture Cody and Sierra couldn't wait to eat the Pup Pie and they loved it.  I didn't think it looked that appetizing but I am not a dog, so whatever.  

To make Cody's birthday really special I decided to play the “Happy Birthday Song” just for him.  Sierra sang him a great version of the song which was sounded a lot louder than usual.  I think she knew it was Cody's Birthday.   He joined in a little too but he doesn't always want to sing.

We are so glad that we have had Cody in our lives for so many years.  Even though he is considered a middle aged dog now (42 years old according to dog years) he still seems so young to us.  Cody will be in our family for years to come.