Ambrosia Kicked Cancer and Wants to Celebrate in a New Home

I've decided to start to start posting about dogs that need homes.  While I mainly focus on English Shepherd rescue I hope that all dogs and pets can find loving homes.
Look at that Face
Ambrosia kicked cancer, but she needs your help to kick homelessness.

It took two surgeries to remove her mammary glands, but every awful malignant cell is gone! And to think that could have been avoided had she been spayed. But she is healthy and spayed now, not to mention current on her vaccinations, house- and crate-trained, a doll on a leash, and a total lady in the car. And her foster parents say she’s going to make some lucky family very, very happy.

Originally pulled from Cleveland Animal Control by the Tennessee Humane Animal League-Pet Placement Center, in Chattanooga, Tennessee, Brobee – as her friends affectionately call her – is a petite, 45-pound, two-to-three year-old pit bull terrier mix. At some point in her life, she suffered a leg injury that didn’t heal properly. So now she looks a little bow-legged on one side, but it certainly doesn’t slow her down. Nothing keeps her from enjoying a game of fetch

Besides fetch, Brobee also adores her squeaky toys. You can hear her squeaking away almost all day long. Something else she loves? Being coddled, cradled, and rocked like a baby! It’s true – you can trim her nails, examine her, give her a bath … she’s fine with it all as long as she has your arms around her.

Perhaps the only sticky point with Brobee is her choosiness about canine friends. In general, she doesn’t want any. That’s why her foster family can’t adopt her. They have four rescues already. But Brobee shows a gentle attentiveness to their elderly, sight-impaired Chihuahua mix. It’s hit or miss, so it’s probably easier if she’s an only pet.

You can read a whole lot more about Ambrosia here.  

Can you please welcome this sweet cancer  survivor into your family today?  If you’re sold on bringing this little lady home with you, please contact Nan at or (423) 290-5159.

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Cody and Sierra Lying Together


Cody and Sierra

I thought this was a cute picture of Cody and Sierra lying together, so I thought I would share.  Sometimes they sit next to each other closely but don't touch like this.  I thought it was nice the dog siblings could be so close.  I haven't really seen Cody and Sierra do this except when Sierra was a puppy and liked to cuddle in Cody's belly.  Nice to see they still like old habits.

Cody and Sierra’s Vegetarian/Mixed Dog Food

We like to feed Cody and Sierra vegetarian dog food.  We don't have anything against meat eaters or people who give their dogs or pets food with fish, meat, chicken or other animal products.  We eat fish and chicken too (not much red meat though).

We have noticed that our dogs breath smells much better when we feed them vegetarian dog food as opposed to dog food with meat or animal products in it though.  As well as their mmm… dog excrement (poop) smells much better too.  It makes a difference when you have to pick it up you know! 🙂

However, if we have leftover chicken, fish, pasta, etc. we like to give that to the dogs to vary their diets.  We feel it's a good use of leftovers which otherwise would be wasted and gives the dogs a variety of food, even if it's meat.  I personally think “real meat” we give them is much healthier then any processed crappy dog food.

I was wondering if other people share the same feelings about dog food?  What type of dog food do you feed your dogs or pets? Do you give them people food?


A Fun Filled Day at DogFest 2012


On Saturday I took both of my singing dogs, Cody and Sierra, to DogFest at the Baltimore Humane Society.  It was a fun day filled with exciting activities for dogs and was too benefit and raise much needed funds for the great work that the Baltimore Humane Society does for animals in need.

Initially Sierra seemed a bit nervous driving up to Reisterstown.  She was whining when we were in the car.  (Cody was good and quite as usual.)  I think she thought she was going to go to the kennel but to her relieve, we weren't.

After we got there and parked in the sea of cars, the dogs were excited since they saw lots of other dogs in the parking lot (well really a field).  We entered, paid our admission and started walking around the grounds.  What an amazing place the Baltimore Humane Society is!  I couldn't believe all the space and the fact they have a pet cemetery.

We started by walking around some of the vendor booths and tables for rescue organizations.  Cody caught on pretty quickly most of these people were giving out treats.  Everytime we would approach a table or booth Cody would start sniffing and hone in on the treats.  Cody was also interested in sniffing other dogs and was well behaved.  I thought there would be an issue with some dogs approaching him, but he was fine.

Sierra had a little trouble with a guy dressed up in a Clifford outfit.  I think she couldn't figure out whether it was a dog, a person, or what.  She started barking at Clifford saying “That's not right, he's not a dog!”  Most dogs were getting their picture taken with Clifford.  Cody had a funny reaction to.  He was walking back and forth sniffing the air toward Clifford and his ears were going up and down.  He was trying to figure out what Clifford was all about too but he wasn't vocal about it like Sierra.  Clifford starting waving at Sierra which seemed to set her off more.  I noticed a bunch of people were laughing at the spectacle of Sierra not enjoying having Clifford at DogFest.

What was most surprising was the amount of people and dogs.  There were little dogs, big dogs, ugly dogs (in my opinion), beautiful dogs (Cody and Sierra of course), fast dogs, slow dogs, smart dogs, dumb dogs, etc.  The event being named DogFest I thought was quite appropriate.

We took a break from walking around and got some Sprites and water for the dogs as well as a hot dogs and some Utz potato chips.  After that we walked around and thought about doing some of the dog activities like dog swimming, bowling, agility, etc.  I think I was bit tired and the dogs seemed ready to go so we headed home.

All in all DogFest was a fun event and Cody, Sierra, and I look forward to next Baltimore Humane Society's event next year.

Sierra Teaches a Puppy How To “Sing”

Currently Cody, Sierra, and our musical family are fostering a great English Shepherd Puppy named Scout.  This guy is smart, sweet, sensitive and… is also a singer!  That means we now have a Dog Singing Trio! 🙂

puppy singing lesson

Sierra, the dog diva, gave Scout a singing lesson.  If you watch the video below you can clearly see he is watching Sierra and trying to mimic her singing.  Of course Sierra thinks nobody can match her singing.  After all she is a “Dog Diva!”

Cody actually first gave Scout a singing lesson, but we didn't get that on video.  Scout seemed to react well to Cody's deeper singing voice.  Cody is also singing in this video too but we couldn't get him in the frame with the other singing dogs.  You will have to listen carefully.