Sweet BlogPaws Swag: Bissell Spotbot!

At BlogPaws 2013 we got a ton of free goodies and swag.  However, probably the best thing we got is the Bissell SpotBot.  We won the Bissell SpotBot in the BlogPaws Raffle which is really impressive since I never win raffles, small lotteries, odds and numbers games, etc.  When my name was called I couldn't really believe we had won.

To tell you the truth Chloe Divita, who was choosing business cards from a gigantic fishbowl, picked about 5 or 6 other names before my name was called for the Bissell SpotBot.  Since none of those people were around to claim the prize it was there loss and Chloe kept drawing different names.  Luckily I was there when my name was called and we happily claimed the Bissell SpotBot to take home.

At first we thought the Bissell SpotBot was a vacuum but it is not.  It actually is for cleaning up Ummmm how should I say ‘doggie messes' that happen on carpets.  Cody and Sierra fortunately don't have many indoor accidents.  I guess there is a good enough market for the SpotBot if Bissell decided to put it into production and market the thing.

bissell spobot

One cool thing about the Bissell SpotBot is the dog they featured on it.  Her name is Rainbow Diamond and she is a dachshund that was rescued from a puppy mill.  April from Dachshund Delights came up to us after we had won and told us, “I know that dog.”  I was a bit confused for a second as I thought she meant she had seen Cody or Sierra on TV.  She then explained that Rainbow Diamond was found in bathtub with a broken back and she had puppies she was nursing when she was found.  Apparently she was bred like that which is just terrible to think about.  April told us that a wonderful foster family that knew how to deal with special need dogs nursed her back to health and now Bissell features her on products.

Rainbow Diamond's story was heartening to hear and I wouldn't have read the description on the Bissell SpotBot box since the font was way too small.  It's great Bissell features dogs like Rainbow Diamond on their products.  I just hope her current owner doesn't need to use the SpotBot too much on their carpets.

Thanks to April for telling us the story about Rainbow Diamond and taking the picture of all of us after we won the Bissell SpotBot.

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