Star Spangled Banner

Cody, Sierra, and I did a great video today of us performing “The Star Spangled Banner” which is the US National Anthem.  (I assume people know but you really don't know sometimes.)  I think it came out pretty well so check it out.  Sierra doesn't start singing until about 20 seconds into the video by the way.

What's cool about The Star Spangled Banner is that the it was written by Francis Scott Key in Baltimore while he was watching For McHenry be attacked by the British.  The Singing Dogs are from Baltimore which not only makes it a patriotic tribute but a point of pride for two Baltimore dogs.  At least I think that is what Cody and Sierra were trying to convey musically in this rendition of America's National Anthem.

We hope everyone has a great Fourth of July.  The Singing Dogs and I are grateful to live in the United States where we freely and openly express ourselves through music.

If you think Cody and Sierra did a great job with the Star Spangled Banner please leave a comment below and let us know.

6 thoughts on “Star Spangled Banner”

  1. I just watched it on the today show , I loved it so much I had to see it again they are very cute , I laughed so hard nice way to start my day and today is the 4th of July:)

    1. Ohh thanks for letting us know! We were told that they weren’t going to be able to get the video on the Today Show but they must have changed their minds at the last minute.

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