Spring has Sprung, The First Day of Spring

first day of springIn case you didn't know or have not heard March 20th is the First Day of Spring.  Today it's been a bit brisk but overall it truly feels like the First Day of Spring and Spring has Sprung… finally!

We had snow in Maryland only three days ago which was pretty crazy and the temperature kept bouncing up and down.  Last week it seemed like Spring was here for Good but unfortunately it wasn't.  Only two days after Spring left temporarily as the temperature dropped again into 20's which wasn't that much fun and then we got snow again.

Yesterday I had to get Sierra and Cody into their dog raincoats for walking since it was raining.  It seemed like the bad weather would just keep coming back.  Then we woke up today and it was windy but the temperature wasn't bad and the sun was out.  We let the dogs outside and they were running around in the yard enjoying themselves.  I played Frisbee with them.  It truly felt like the First Day of Spring after such a long, harsh, and miserable winter this year.  We like snow and sledding but it we thought it was a bit much.  At least Cody and Sierra like to wrestle in the snow.

What did you do for the First Day of Spring?  Take a long walk?  Ride a bike?  Are you planning on doing anything fun during the Spring and Summer?  Let us know below.

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