It’s Snowing in March

english shepherds snowWell if you can believe it… right now it is… snowing… in March.  This means it is March 25th, almost the end of the month, and it is SNOWING.  The First Day of Spring was only five days ago on March 20th and it was a relatively warm and nice day.

Now it's snowing and the forecast is saying we will get about 1-3 inches when the snow stops.  Back when I asked, “Is Spring here for Good?” I didn't actually think that we would get snow twice in March.  Sort of a crazy winter since Spring keeps leaving.

Yesterday the temperature dropped and it was cold but we didn't mind too much since it wasn't that bad when I was walking with the dogs and playing with Cody and Sierra in the sun.  I know the dogs didn't mind the cold as long as I was paying attention and playing with them.

Snow is back in Maryland and there is nothing we can do about it.  From what I can tell and see here while I am writing this post a lot of the snow isn't sticking but a fair amount of snow is still coming down.  We might get more than 3 inches is this continues and the snow starts to stick.  It is kind of a bummer and I'm sure a lot of people feel the same way.

If it is snowing where you live, what do you think about it?  Do you wish Winter would go away and Spring could come?

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