Snow is back in Maryland

snow marylandI thought we would not have anymore snow this season, as it is the middle of March.  When I asked on this blog “Is Spring Here for Good?” I guess I was wrong.  It should be Spring by now in my and the dogs opinion.  Spring has left us temporarily.  However, last night we got a few inches of SNOW.  That's right, we got snow here in Maryland.

The Local news reports have said that Charm City and the surrounding Maryland counties got around 5 inches give or take.  At least shoveling this morning wasn't so bad as the snow was light and fluffy.  Still kind of a pain to clear off the cars.

When I took the the singing dogs for a walk at least they were having fun running around and wrestling in the snow.  It also seemed like a lot of the snow melted during the day and the roads were pretty clear of snow.  They do tend to oversalt them though which isn't pleasant for dogs paws or vehicles.  When we got back we used our muddy dog feet washing techniques with buckets to clean Cody and Sierra off in addition to getting the snowballs to melt on their dog paws.  This is also good technique for making sure no road and sidewalk salt gets in your house and on your floors by the way.  

What are your thoughts about all this snow in Maryland?  Did you get any snow where you live?  When will it be Spring?

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