Sleeping Dogs for National Dog Day [PICS + VIDEOS]

sierra masterbedroom

In case you didn't know tomorrow, August 26th, is National Dog Day!  What are you supposed to do on National Dog Day? Celebrate all things dog of course.

As part of the fun and celebration for dog owners a mattress start-up is encouraging dog owners on social media and various websites to post pictures of their dogs on beds, couches, or furniture sleeping.

Originally we didn't want to allow Cody and Sierra, the singing dogs, on the beds and couches in the house.  Since Cody is nice soft fun like a teddy bear and Sierra makes sad faces when she isn't allowed to get on the bed… this rule quickly vanished into thin air.

I guess some members didn't really stick to the rule in the first place (me). It probably also didn't help that we let both Cody and Sierra on the beds when they were puppies. How can you resist sleeping with a puppy?

Since our “No dogs on beds and furniture” rule is no more, we now have instituted what we call a “dog blanket.”  This is an attempt to prevent complete anarchy and all the beds and furniture in the house to be completely taken over by dogs.  “Dog Blankets” are specific blankets which are all the same color and pattern.  We put these on top of the covers on the beds or on the couches and then invite the dogs up to sleep and rest on these.  This is where the dogs are allowed to to sleep or cuddle, but nowhere else.  It's worked pretty well for us… somewhat. Look at this picture of Cody and Sierra on one of the beds.

dogs on the bed

As you can see Sierra, the tri-color, is on the designated dog blanket. However for some reason Cody, tan and white, is practically sleeping on the pillow there. Don't worry we are not singling you out Cody since Sierra does it as well.  Is it so much to ask that you guys stay on the dog blankets?

Once in awhile both dogs will sleep together NOT on the beds.

Cody and Sierra

This is a rare occurrence since we all know the bed is much better than a rug. Cody also doesn't generally like cuddling next to his sister, he's a guy after all.

Sierra and Cody won't just use the beds. Oh no, they have taken a liking to the chairs we use.

sierra chair

Sierra is ready for a chat with a cup of tea. Her human servants will bring it to her while she relaxes in her chair. Since she is an English Shepherd and we all know how those British love tea. 😀

Sierra also love sleeping in this same chair. As demonstrated by these graceful shots.

sierra sleeping tonque

sierra red chair

If you noticed we had to put a blanket over the ENTIRE chair so that it wouldn't get dog hair all over it.  We love Cody and Sierra, the Singing Dogs, but not the shedding. Definitely not their shedding. We even rotate the blankets now. We love our English Shepherds but not the way they smell.

Cody likes the chair as well but he usually curls up like this.

cody red chair

Puppy Singing Lesson

The dogs being on the furniture has even made it into our videos.  Remember when Sierra gave Scout, the foster puppy, a singing lesson.  Scout was lounging in the chair.

Scout and Sierra
Scout and Sierra

Here Sierra is in a leather chair. For some reason we didn't let our last dog who was a German Shepher mix, Roger, on this chair. Sierra and Cody have managed to breakdown the dog civil rights barrier on leather chairs.

Sierra and Scout
Sierra and Scout


Love Me Tender

Sierra was also in this leather chair for our breakout video “Love Me Tender” a song from the late and great Elvis Presley.

Here Comes the Bride

When my brother got married we decided to shoot this version of “Here Comes the Bride” also known as The Wedding March on the couch. Hey, they get up there anyway.

Dogs have the Blues

Also Cody likes to perch himself on the chair and Sierra on the windowsill. You got to protect the house, except when you have the blues.

Do you allow your dog(s) on the bed, couches, and furniture? If yes, what happened? If no, how are you holding out? We'd like to know. 🙂

We are so dog crazy we even made a makeshift hammock bed in the backseat of our Toyota Camry. That means the dogs have a place to sleep while in motion.  The dogs slept quite well on the drive back after our appearance on Anderson with Anderson Cooper.

anderson cooper singing dogs

If you are interested head over to our press page to see our additional TV appearances and Cody and Sierra kissing Anderson Cooper.

What are you dogs sleeping habits? Do they sleep all day or are they active pups? We'd love to hear from our fans for National Dog Day.  Share pictures with us as well via Twitter @DogsSing.

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