Singing Dogs perform “God Save the Queen” to celebrate Royal Baby

Most people know the song “God Save the Queen” but I bet you have never heard a version as good as this before.  At least that is what Cody and Sierra think about their performance of the British National Anthem.

In anticipation of the birth of Prince William's and Kate Middleton's Royal Baby, Cody and Sierra wanted to celebrate the occasion by performing their rendition of God Save the Queen.  Since they are English Shepherds that means the Singing Dogs are technically English you know.

Even though we don't know if the royal baby is going to be a boy or a girl both of the dogs thought it was a good patriotic tribute to their ancestral homeland.  If the royal baby does turn out to be a girl, that would mean eventually she could be the Queen of England.  If the baby is a boy I guess we need to make a song called “God Save the King.”

The whole world seems to be getting excited about the royal baby as some are resorting to silliness in waiting for news on William and Kate's first child.  Royal baby name generators and smartphone apps and games have been popular over the last few days.  For British gambling institutions it seems the royal baby is great for business as people are placing bets on everything from name, sex, and date of birth.  The royal baby is drawing record betting for a non-sports event apparently.  What do you think about all the royal baby hype?

Anyway we hope that Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, and Katherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, have a healthy, and cute royal baby.  We also hope that they have a little bit of privacy to enjoy their first child but being part of the royal family I wouldn't necessarily count on it. If you see our version of “God Save the Queen” hopefully the new baby will enjoy it and like dogs, singing dogs of course.

god save the queen

7 thoughts on “Singing Dogs perform “God Save the Queen” to celebrate Royal Baby”

  1. OMG, that cracked me up! I am going to love your blog simply because you should have SEEN my dogs react to your dogs’ music.

    Rodrigo and Blue came to sit next to me and sniff my laptop. Sydney sniffed my pockets. So I don’t know if she was going to take a moment to see if she could find a treat or if she thought the singing was coming from my pocket.

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Kimberly,

      Yes, we have gotten reports that several dogs that hear Cody and Sierra sing will join-in or react in some other way. I guess once a few dogs get singing it encourages other dogs too. So maybe you should try to get your dogs to be singing dogs. Even cats like (or don’t) the singing dogs!

      If you get a chance feel free to checkout our Press page. You can see all of our appearances and place we have been mentioned. Thanks for commenting.

      -Adam, Cody, and Sierra

  2. How appropriate! My Beagle mix, June Carter, musician that she is, seemed to really enjoy this one.

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