Singing Dogs to be featured in Spy Movie

I have some great news for all of our readers and fans.  The Singing Dogs are going to be featured in full blown Hollywood movie.  Cool, right?

I can't tell you who is in the movie but I will say some big A-list stars will be in the film (Including Cody and Sierra.)  I can tell you that the movie is going to be shot in several countries which includes Italy, Brazil, Czech Republic, and Britain.  This works well since the dogs are English (of course they won't be going to all these countries) but some of it will be shot in the United States.  The movie takes place in the present day.  We can say it's a spy thriller that features a world famous character which was originally a book series.  The books were written by an ex-journalist that used to work in British Intelligence, had a house in Jamaica where he wrote the books, loved drinking, and beautiful women.  It's the longest running movie franchise in history and half the world's population has seen these movies.  The main character will be driving an assortment of cool cars including an Aston Martin.  It should start shooting sometime next year, 2015.

Can you guess what the movie is?  If you think you know what this movie is, leave a comment below and let us know.

Another question you probably have, Where do the dogs come into a spy thriller and action movie?  Well, there will be a movie sequence on the street and the producers want a musician with singing dogs to add to the atmosphere.  Apparently it is in the script and they've been trying to find dogs that could do this.  Better get practicing as getting Cody and Sierra will sing on set with lots of lights, people, cameras, and distractions.  Sierra sang on “Anderson” with Anderson Cooper and we only had one take.  With this spy movie we will have several takes.

We are pretty excited about it and hope everyone we know is too.

Anyway…Happy April 1st everyone! 🙂

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  1. Sweet! I’m going to guess.. the movie is the latest Austin Powers. That rocks!

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