Sierra Rubbing her Scent on a Ball [VIDEO]

I hope everyone is having a great weekend and enjoying the first days of Spring.  The Singing Dogs and I certainly are as today was a beautiful day with mild temperatures.  Great for a long stroll with the puppies.

I thought I'd post this funny video of Sierra.  It's not of her singing or anything but shows how she likes to rub her scent on these soft balls we have in the house.  Instead of using tennis balls or any hard balls indoors we like to use soft balls so nothing breaks.  Of course somehow they still can make for some crazy situations.

Sierra likes to take these soft balls and rub her scent on them.  I guess it is an Alpha Dog instinct and makes it so that Cody knows who's ball it is.  Funny thing is Sierra doesn't really fetch these balls inside but just like to rub on them  It makes Cody crazy when he wants the ball and Sierra is hogging it rubbing her back on it.

I like the look Sierra has when she is on her back and how she tries to reach for the ball.  You can see her grab the blue ball at the end of the video if you watching carefully.

I find it pretty funny but maybe that's just because I see the whole scenario unfolding.  Let us know what you think of Sierra's antics.

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