Sierra in a Red Raincoat and Cody

dog raincoatYesterday the weather wasn't all that great since it was raining and a bit cold.  It warmed up a little compared to the last couple of days but it still wasn't a great day to walk the two dogs.

Since we don't like spending a lot of time cleaning and drying wet dogs after we come back to the house from walks we bought these raincoats for our dogs.  We thought it was a bit ridiculous but they've come in handy considering how inexpensive they were and how useful they are.  With our old dog Roger we used to just use a cut up trashbag which worked pretty well.

Sierra doesn't like her red raincoat too much as she runs away when I get it our or try to put it on her.  I think she feels embarrassed and she isn't wild about dog clothes.  When we are on walks we notice many people point and laugh in their cars.  Perhaps Sierra knows this?  Cody has a similar reaction but usually is more ok with it.

Unfortunately for muddy dog paws we have to use our method bucket and cup method.  We try to avoid mud on walks if possible though.  Still the dogs get wet and we have to dry them off a little.

sierra cody What do you do when it rains and you have to take your dogs out?

3 thoughts on “Sierra in a Red Raincoat and Cody”

  1. Our dog’s a lab, so naturally waterproof. lol

    1. Maybe I could make some sort of “Labrador Retriever spray” and sell it. Cleaning wet and muddy dogs is not one of my favorite activities.

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