Sierra at home while Cody goes to the Vet

Yesterday Cody had to go to the Vet to get two shots.  We usually take both dogs since it's fun to have a dog pal at the Veterinarian's office for moral support.  In addition the dogs don't really like getting left behind.

Instead of taking Sierra to the vet with Cody though we decided that she would stay at the house.  Cody went to the vet by himself.  We realized if the dogs are going to catch something from another dog it's a lot more likely when you go to the vet, where they are likely to be sick dogs, rather than at a dog park or walking them around.  (This is true of humans as well.)   Also it's a lot less hassle only taking one medium-sized dog in the car rather than two.  Sierra tends to be a menace in the car and whine doing the dog version of, “Are we there yet?”

Generally I think it worked out pretty well.  Sierra got extra playtime at the house while Cody went to the vet and got some nice treats.  Sierra was unhappy and dejected when Cody was getting his harness and into the car without her but she's a big girl so she was fine.

How do other people with multiple dogs (or pets) handle vet appointments?  Do you go to the vet's office and only take one dog at a time?  Are you like us and feel bad about only taking the dog that needs shots or a check-up?

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