Scout and Sierra

If you are interested in adopting an English Shepherd we encourage you to visit and contact the National English Shepherd Rescue.  English Shepherds are very smart, sweet, sensitive, and fun dogs to have.  (Obviously since they can sing to the sweet sounds of a saxophone!)  They are a great addition to a wide variety of families and people.

To learn more about the English Shepherd.

2 thoughts on “Rescue”

  1. Carol A. Carroll says:

    Cody & Sierra are wonderful, a tri-color and a clear sable. My two girls, Dusty Cowgirl & Shadow Roper are also a tri-color and a clear sable. But, alas, they do NOT sing.
    Carol Carroll,
    English Shepherd Club

    1. Adam Yamada-Hanff says:

      Thanks Carol! Sierra started singing first and taught Cody to sing.

      We would love to see a picture of your English Shepherds if they look like the singing dogs.

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