Spring has Sprung, The First Day of Spring

first day of springIn case you didn't know or have not heard March 20th is the First Day of Spring.  Today it's been a bit brisk but overall it truly feels like the First Day of Spring and Spring has Sprung… finally!

We had snow in Maryland only three days ago which was pretty crazy and the temperature kept bouncing up and down.  Last week it seemed like Spring was here for Good but unfortunately it wasn't.  Only two days after Spring left temporarily as the temperature dropped again into 20's which wasn't that much fun and then we got snow again.

Yesterday I had to get Sierra and Cody into their dog raincoats for walking since it was raining.  It seemed like the bad weather would just keep coming back.  Then we woke up today and it was windy but the temperature wasn't bad and the sun was out.  We let the dogs outside and they were running around in the yard enjoying themselves.  I played Frisbee with them.  It truly felt like the First Day of Spring after such a long, harsh, and miserable winter this year.  We like snow and sledding but it we thought it was a bit much.  At least Cody and Sierra like to wrestle in the snow.

What did you do for the First Day of Spring?  Take a long walk?  Ride a bike?  Are you planning on doing anything fun during the Spring and Summer?  Let us know below.

Sierra in a Red Raincoat and Cody

dog raincoatYesterday the weather wasn't all that great since it was raining and a bit cold.  It warmed up a little compared to the last couple of days but it still wasn't a great day to walk the two dogs.

Since we don't like spending a lot of time cleaning and drying wet dogs after we come back to the house from walks we bought these raincoats for our dogs.  We thought it was a bit ridiculous but they've come in handy considering how inexpensive they were and how useful they are.  With our old dog Roger we used to just use a cut up trashbag which worked pretty well.

Sierra doesn't like her red raincoat too much as she runs away when I get it our or try to put it on her.  I think she feels embarrassed and she isn't wild about dog clothes.  When we are on walks we notice many people point and laugh in their cars.  Perhaps Sierra knows this?  Cody has a similar reaction but usually is more ok with it.

Unfortunately for muddy dog paws we have to use our method bucket and cup method.  We try to avoid mud on walks if possible though.  Still the dogs get wet and we have to dry them off a little.

sierra cody What do you do when it rains and you have to take your dogs out?

Dog honks Carhorn telling Owner “Come Back & Let me Out!” [VIDEO]

boxerIf you are someone who doesn't think dogs are smart than you haven't seen this Boxer from Great Britain.  A video on Facebook has gone viral of Fern, the Boxer in question, honking the car horn in the driver's seat of her owner's parked car.

Graham Haddow, Fern's owner, was just up the street in Broughty Ferry, Scotland when he heard a continuous car horn going off, “I started running because I thought something was wrong.  It was only when I was a few yards from the car I realized everyone was laughing, and taking photos, and everything was ok.  There was Fern with a paw on the horn.”

Checkout the video posted on Facebook by Cameron Wighton who lived in the Broughty Ferry neighborhood.

“Boxers tend to be quite mischievous and real characters.” added Harrow.  Probably Fern just didn't want to be left in the judging from her face.  At least the car horn did what it was supposed to do, get people to notice Fern in the car.

*Article originally published here

[Source – Courier]

Happy St Patricks Day!

st patricks dayHappy St Patricks Day!  While St Patricks day doesn't have much to do with dogs we just wanted to wish everyone a a Happy St Patricks Day today.

Wear anything green, get drunk (only if you are of drinking age of course), and enjoy anything to do with Ireland.  Apparently Irish politicians go all over the world for St Patrick's Day to promote business and tourism in the country. Tourism is mainly Bailey's and Guinness, which accounts for a large portion of Ireland's economic engine, and business is tax evasion for corporations in case you didn't know.

Since it snowed in Maryland today we might be adjusting our St Patricks day plans.  Do you have any special plans or things you will be doing?  Let us know your St Patricks Day plans below.

Snow is back in Maryland

snow marylandI thought we would not have anymore snow this season, as it is the middle of March.  When I asked on this blog “Is Spring Here for Good?” I guess I was wrong.  It should be Spring by now in my and the dogs opinion.  Spring has left us temporarily.  However, last night we got a few inches of SNOW.  That's right, we got snow here in Maryland.

The Local news reports have said that Charm City and the surrounding Maryland counties got around 5 inches give or take.  At least shoveling this morning wasn't so bad as the snow was light and fluffy.  Still kind of a pain to clear off the cars.

When I took the the singing dogs for a walk at least they were having fun running around and wrestling in the snow.  It also seemed like a lot of the snow melted during the day and the roads were pretty clear of snow.  They do tend to oversalt them though which isn't pleasant for dogs paws or vehicles.  When we got back we used our muddy dog feet washing techniques with buckets to clean Cody and Sierra off in addition to getting the snowballs to melt on their dog paws.  This is also good technique for making sure no road and sidewalk salt gets in your house and on your floors by the way.  

What are your thoughts about all this snow in Maryland?  Did you get any snow where you live?  When will it be Spring?

Singing Dogs were not on The One Show

I got another email from the Icon Films producer about the Singing Dogs yesterday.  Sorry to inform everyone but unfortunately… Cody and Sierra's “Dogs Have the Blues” video was not featured in the Canine Concert documentary about dogs and music the other night on The One Show.

Due to time issues the video was apparently cut out of the documentary at the last minute before it aired on TV.  Even though we posted about the Singing Dogs being featured on the BBC One Show the other day it seems the producer didn't realize our video was edited out until after the show aired in Britain.  We were told before The One Show aired on the BBC channel one that Cody and Sierra were going to be featured which is why we posted about it.

Oh well, that's show business sometimes.  You think something will happen and at the last minute it doesn't.  Most people don't know this but our Anderson segment when I was talking with Anderson Cooper was cut down a lot.

If you are in the United Kingdom and want to see Cody and Sierra's videos on the BBC or TV in across the pond, please share our videos and let people know.