Oh No! I hate Wearing a Dog Raincoat

dog raincoatsToday it's been pouring and raining hard all day.  This has made the yard basically the ultimate mud pit and that means… muddy dog paws.  That essentially means we have to spend time cleaning muddy dog feet which is something I have to do, but don't really want to.  At least Cody and Sierra don't mind getting muddy, but they aren't always so excited about the rain.

Even though we let the dogs out in the pouring rain in the yard, we still have to take them out on a walk.  That's how it is when you have dogs.  I got pretty wet on our walk today and even though I wore a raincoat it was pouring rain so much that got kind of wet too.

It wasn't the only way that we had to put on rain gear today though.  The dogs had to wear their raincoats too but when it came time to get ready for our daily stroll I asked them, “Do you want to go for a walk” and they both dashed to the door.  Then I brought out the dog raincoats.  Both Singing Dogs got a kind of worried and embarrassed face and ran away upstairs.   I tried to coax them back downstairs to put the raincoats on but it was futile effort.  Both were clearly not happy about the fact they were going to have to wear the dreaded raincoats.  Admittedly I don't like having to put on the dog raincoats either but it keeps them a lot dryer and saves us a lot of time cleaning dirty and wet dogs.

I went upstairs and both and had holed themselves in a room and place they deemed ‘safe' from the dog raincoats.  I left them alone for a little while then went in there and found Sierra lying on a bed.  I again asked, “Sierra, do you want to go for a walk?”  She didn't budge a muscle and just looked at me.  I changed the question, “Do you want to go on a no raincoat walk?”  She perked up and ran over, sat next to me, looked at me, and starting smiling.  Clearly she knew what I said but unfortunately there wasn't going to be a raincoatless dog walk today. 😀

Since I had to ‘bend the truth' with both dogs when we went downstairs I got out the raincoats again and both dogs got the same faces and started avoiding me again.  After I finally got Cody's raincoat on I told him, “You look good in the raincoat.” and “Hey, you look like a rescue dog.”  (By that I mean a dog that rescues people, not a dog that need rescuing.)  Cody's sullen face didn't seem to agree with any of these encouraging statements though and he clearly wasn't happy.  Sierra ran away to hide under the table but we finally got her out and put on her Sierra's raincoat and went for a walk.

The forecast is calling for rain all day today and tomorrow.  At least the snow is not back in Maryland and are having a somewhat reasonable temperature.  Still, it's hard because both the dogs need to run around a little bit each day since they are built and hardwired for herding sheep I guess.  At least it's starting to feel like the first days of Spring with Spring showers.  So is Spring here for Good?  Let us know what you think.

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  1. Hey thanks a lot for coming up with this post. I came across your post while searching for dog raincoat. Joss (my dog) hates to step out of the house when it pours so i decided to buy a raincoat for him. After reading your post, now, i think i will be going for boots as well. Thanks once again 🙂

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