3 Reasons my Dog Hates Electric Cars

electric cars

Only recently did we find out that our dog, Cody, really doesn't just have a dislike for electric cars but… actually he seems to hate electric cars.  He shows aggressive behavior toward any electric car that passes by pulling on his leash and barking frantically.  Sometimes it is difficult for me to even hold him.  It is has become a dangerous behavior.

I noticed Cody's behavior started a few months ago.  We tried calming him down and controlling him but it has become difficult since he gets so frantic and upset when one passes by.  As he goes nuts it have become difficult for me to control him on his leash.

Just to be clear when I say Cody hates electric cars I don't mean anything like a Tesla Model S, Mitsubishi i-MiEV, or a Chevy Spark EV.  We have these little electric vehicles that go around for the neighborhood security patrol.  While it is fine with they use EVs for me, to Cody it is a problem.  Here is what I think bothers him about these electric cars.

1. Electric Cars Look Weird

These neighborhood electric vehicles don't look like anything else out on the road.  They have a pod shape and only fit 1 driver, a 1 passenger, and have a small trunk.  It seems to bother Cody that they look weird and he think sthey are of place on the street.

2. Electric Cars Go Slow

Since these electric vehicles are meant for paroling a small neighborhood, and have limited range, they drive pretty slow.  Since no other cars drive that slow Cody doesn't seem to like it.  Better speed-up!

3. Electric Cars Make Strange Sounds

These electric cars that go around our neighborhood do not make much noise but when they do have a funny and distinctive, “Whirring” noise as they drive by.  I assume Cody doesn't like this noise and someone said it might hurt his ears.  Since it doesn't hurt Sierra, our other dog's ears, I am not sure this is the issue.  Could it be?  Perhaps Cody just doesn't like the whirring and want it to stop.

We like Electric Cars

For those driving electric cars or who believe automakers should be building more electric cars, I just want to make it clear as an auto journalist I don't have personally problem with EVs. It's only our dog, Cody, who hates those darn things it seems.

This behavior has really become an issue as one time Cody broke free from his leash as the security patrol was driving by once when I was getting him out of the car.  He caught me by surprise and he starting running down the street after the car.  It scared me as if he had tried to bite the wheels of the car he could have gotten seriously injured.  Luckily we called him and he came back to us and the security patrol person slowed down a lot.

We are glad Cody doesn't show aggression toward all vehciles, but still it is concerning for us.  We would appreciate any training advice or suggestions on how to fix this aggressive behavior toward electric cars.

5 thoughts on “3 Reasons my Dog Hates Electric Cars”

  1. I don’t have a problem with electric cars, but my mom wishes they made more noise because she thinks being so quiet is a safety hazard (we almost got run over by a Prius in the dog park parking lot because we didn’t hear it and the driver didn’t see us). I think the next Garth-Mobile should be a Tesla – I guess I’ll have to get some really sweet sponsorships!

    Congrats on winning the BarkWorld ticket! I tweeted you and emailed you about it. We’re looking forward to meeting you at BarkWorld. Do the Singing Dogs take requests?

    1. Hi Rebecca and Garth,

      Thanks sooo much for the BarkWorld ticket. We look forward to meeting both of you but the singing dogs won’t be coming. 🙁

      We take song requests but I can’t guarantee either dog will sing to the song. Also if the tune is too hard for me to transcribe I am probably not going to able to play it. Feel free to put in a request.

      Cody seems to have a problem with the sound and the general shape on the electric car. It is becoming a big issue and I wish we could figure it out a way to train him out of it.

      I haven’t driven a Tesla but have heard great things. I am actually an auto writer too.



  2. Maybe Cody just has a problem with authority and doesn’t like the guards. It may not be the cars at all. 🙂

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