Cody & Sierra Rock the Mission Impossible theme song

mission impossible theme song

Do you love the Mission Impossible movies?  If you do chances are you love the Mission Impossible theme song too.  If that is the case then you are going to love this next video from Cody and Sierra, also know as the Singing Dogs.

Sierra really likes to sing to the Mission Impossible theme song but I am not sure why she does.  Maybe Sierra secretly hopes she could be a spy dog and go on secret missions with Ethan Hunt, the character Tom Cruise plays in the movies.

Cody also gets pretty into the theme song as well.  I think my favorite part is when he picks-up the ball and starts trying to squeak along to the beat of the song.  For some reason or another Cody then decides it is better to sing along to the Mission Impossible theme song, so he just keeps the ball in his mouth and just sings.  (Ronan the Seal Lion doesn't have anything on Cody!)

When this was video was shot I was still learning to play the Mission Impossible theme song.  It's kind of tricky since it is a 5/4 time and I don't play many songs with a 5/4 timing.  You just need to add an extra beat to counting 4, which is the time most songs are written in, but remembering to count the extra beat is hard when you are wired to count in 4 beats.  I also need to practice the phrasing of the theme song more to get it down.  Maybe Cody, Sierra, and I can record another version and video when I know the Mission Impossible theme song in and out.  The dogs already have it down! 🙂

Anyway I hope people enjoy our rendition of what is one of the coolest and slickest theme songs to a movie ever!  Thanks to Lalo Schifrin for composing it for movie audiences around the world to enjoy for all these years.

If you think a family, friend, acquaintance would like this video, please share.  We are always happy to know when people enjoy our music enough to share with others and brighten their day.

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