Is the Vet Scale Wrong?

Last week we took Cody to the Vet for a check-up and to get two shots he was overdue for.  What do they do at the vet which strikes feat into normally calm dog owners?  Weigh your dog.

Apparently the verdict with Cody wasn't good at the last vet appointment.  He weighs 58 pounds which is a 6 pound increase the last time we were at the vet.  Since this is a pretty significant weight gain for a medium sized dog this led us to ask, “Is the Vet scale wrong?”  We couldn't believe that Cody has gained 6 pounds since our last vet visit.  He doesn't look that much heavier and he hasn't been running or exercising any less.  This just didn't seem feasible to us.   We were curios, does the vet calibrate the vet scale?  Yup, apparently every week.  Mmmm, is it the vet scale really old?  We were told only a few years old.

We then started to analyze what we were feeding Cody and Sierra.  Since both of them had been having stomach “issues” we've been feeding both dogs chicken and rice.  The thing is we didn't really stop with the chicken and rice and have been giving Cody rice for quite awhile.  Hey both the Singing Dogs seem to enjoy it so we didn't think it was bad for them.  Could rice really cause a 6 pound increase in a dog in a couple months though?

Cody's got to look good for Summer (just like us).  🙂  So we are going to try to start walking and making sure his diet is a little more balanced.

We still believe the vet scale is wrong though.  It's gotta be, right?

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2 thoughts on “Is the Vet Scale Wrong?”

  1. That’s really funny because we wonder the exact opposite about our vet’s scale. We’re always asking, “are they really that light?”

    1. With big dogs you probably always thinking they are heavier than they actually are. With medium sized dogs we believe they are lighter than they are.

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