Happy Halloween from the Singing Dogs

Cody and Sierra, the Singing Dogs, just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Halloween.  Instead of us spending money on dog costumes, which we know the dogs would not like, we got out the outfits Anderson Cooper gave us when we were on his show.  The dogs seemed lukewarm about putting them on.

Actually Sierra hide under the table and wouldn't come when we got Cody's nice tuxedo on.  He wasn't about it either and looked at us like, “Are you serious?”  What Cody doesn't know is that the outfit was custom made for him and he should be happy.

happy halloweenIronically even though Sierra didn't want to put on the dog outfit it seems like she likes getting her picture take.  Sometime she even poses for the camera.  Kind of funny because when she was a puppy she didn't like getting her picture taken.

Anyway, I hope everyone has a Happy Halloween?  Planning on doing anything spooky or scary?  Let us know below.

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