Farm Collie Rescue Effort in North Carolina

farm colliesI recently heard about 14 Farm Collies or English Shepherd mixes that need help and rescue in Pilot Mountain, North Carolina.

I am not sure of the entire story but from what National English Shepherd Rescue (NESR) has said the owner of this farm in North Carolina purchased an English Shepherd years ago.  He mainly wanted cow dogs for the farm.  The dogs are most likely a mix of Teverun or Belgian Shepherd since the owner might might have had these breeds of dogs on the property at one paint. His main concern was producing cow dogs.  He seems to have lost control of the breeding as the dogs appear to have been running loose for some time.  It sounds like the owner did not have relatives or was estranged from his family.  A daughter might be coming to help sort out what to do with the dogs on the property.

Someone from the county's Humane Society down there has evaluated the dogs behavior and determined that they exhibit herding behavior and are probably part Farm Collie or English Shepherd.  This person is familiar with herding dogs and specifically English Shepherds to my understanding.

She felt the dogs, although under socialized, will come around with attention.  She did not seem any sign of aggression but they are a bit scared.  It sounds like they have not had much contact with humans from just running around the property.

The Old-Time Scotch Collie Association is now the main group aiding in the rescue efforts down there.  They believe the dogs reflect the behavior and are might be Scotch Collies.

Please click here to visit the page and donate through PayPal to help these dogs.  We donated a small sum to make sure these dogs are vet bills, transportation, and other needs are taken care of.  You can email – Tonya AT – if you are in the area and can help these dogs.

The dogs that are still there should be split up as they are relying on each other, like a pack would. The dogs that have been removed from the property are already are responding well to individual attention and care. Of the original 21 dogs that are on the property that are 14 left that are still on the property that need help.  The dogs appear to be in good shape and are healthy.  Most likely they will all adapt very well to a loving home environment.  Donations and fostering will be needed though.

If the dogs are seized by county animal control the outlook is not good for them. There are 2 possibly more pregnant dogs out of the 14 dogs still there.  There is an immediate need to get them into safe and secure surroundings.

The Humane Society had a routine was feeding the dogs in certain pens in the hopes of capturing the ones that are there.  I am not sure of the Scotch Collie Rescue group has taken over but these dogs will need foster homes so they can learn to be trust humans.  The pregnant dogs will need to be in a home where someone can whelp and help raise a litter of puppies.  Who wouldn't want to have a bunch of puppies around?  🙂

I will keep people updated with the progress of the rescue efforts of these Farm Collie, Scotch Collie, or English Shepherd dogs.  Hopefully all of them will find a great home with great families soon.

5 thoughts on “Farm Collie Rescue Effort in North Carolina”

  1. Lyne Ciccaelli says:

    I am looking for a mixed breed collie. My present dog Mahli is the same as the dog I had originally (collie/husky) and I loved both and they fit my lifestyle perfectly. I will travel down to NC if there is a similar dog, Age is flexible up to about 5 or 6. Must be female, however.

    1. English Shepherds are not mixed breed collies. They are a distinct breed of dog. They do fit in with active lifestyles and need a lot of mental stimulation. Sounds like they would be a good fit for you.

  2. I will be looking for a smooth coat collie mix in the near future. Ideally a smooth coat collie coonhound mix . My rescue, nearly 8 y/o now. Bootsy looks more smooth collie . and when i met my fiance, we both adopted a smooth coat collie coonhound mix luna (~4 years) looks more hound. We talk about getting a lap dog or a great dane size dog now, idealistically, i’d love a third furry baby who is more smooth coat collie than hound ( more calm); Older(4+) potty trained, or 5 month old puppy to battle poopy messes with. We are located in pittsboro, nc, but willing to travel up to 5-6 hours away from home. We live on six acres of land with horses, and in the near future, the addition of chickens. We also run a newly started horse assisted program, pegasus growth and leadership.

  3. Laurie Rouse says:

    My parents live in Pilot Mountain o a 300 acre farm. They recently had to put down their 17 year old border collie/springer spaniel mix. They are looking for one or two dogs who would be happy on their farm, love to run and explore during the day & sleep at night because they are worn out from their adventures. There are tractors and Kubotas and the other dogs have enjoyed riding along or running beside while going from barn to barn. How would I find more information about these available dogs?

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