Original Dogs Have the Blues [VIDEO]

dogs have the blues

Yesterday we posted about Cody and Sierra's appearance on the BBC One Show in a documentary about dogs and music.  I'm not sure if they used our “Dogs Have the Blues” video but I realized that I hadn't post our original “Dogs Have the Blues” on our website yet.  I did post this video of the Singing Dogs jamming to the blues but the original one that is up on our Youtube channel has only been posted on our Video page.

So here is our original “Dogs Have the Blues” video which I believe was used on the BBC One Show for the documentary which aired in the UK last night.

Dogs Have the Blues

Let us know if you like this blues improvisation over our other video and what you think.  I think we sound pretty good but you never know.  Cody and Sierra seem to really like it when I just run blues scales on my saxophone.  I guess these Dogs have the Blues!  Of course their lives are pretty easy but I'm not sure if they think that.

If you are looking for more blues dogs videos you might remember when Sierra was teaching a foster puppy we had named Scout to sing.  Sierra and Scout improvised the blues.  Scout wasn't quite singing all the time, he was sort of barking, but I thought Sierra and him made a good musical duo even if the band was not together for long.  That's the way some bands are.

We'll let everyone know when we get the DVD from producers of the “Canine Concert” documentary that featured Cody and Sierra.  We hope we will get more offers from our UK cousins for gigs.

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