If your Dog’s Gained Weight, Does that Mean You’ve Gained Weight?

Fairly recently we took Cody and Sierra to the Veterinarian to get a checkup, some shots, and they each got their nails clipped.  (Sierra wasn't happy about that!)

As most people know everytime you go to the Vet they weigh your dog.  Well to our surprise each of our Singing Dogs has gained roughly 2 pounds since the last Vet visit.  While this doesn't sound like a lot for humans, for medium sized dogs this is a fairly large weight gain.  While I mulled over their weight gain I thought, “If they've gained weight, does that mean I've gained weight?”

Since hearing your dog's gained weight is almost an insult that you've gained weight, I started questioning the scale at the Vet.  Could it be they don't calibrate it or it has not been calibrated properly?  Maybe it's just old?  What if it wasn't zeroed?  The scale must be broken! 🙂

While I think it's the weight scale and not all those extra treats we give the dogs, the reality started to set in a little bit.  Honestly we probably don't spend enough time playing and exercising with our dogs.  The food we buy is generally healthy but we could be doing a better job for the dogs and ourselves.

So if your dog's gained weight, does that make you feel like you've gained weight?  What are going to do to change it?

2 thoughts on “If your Dog’s Gained Weight, Does that Mean You’ve Gained Weight?”

  1. Sooooo true!!! Last vet visit I made the nurse re-weigh my dog cause I couldn’t believe it. Then, they called him a senior for the first time. Overweight+old = too much to handle. ha!

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