Does your Dog hate Baths? [MEME]

With it being officially Spring now and the weather finally nice and warm and I'm sure all of you are doing Spring Cleaning.  When doing Spring Cleaning I'm sure you include your dogs in the mix.  By that I mean baths.

So instead of posting a picture of the dogs today I thought I would post a funny internet dog meme about bath time for dogs. Check it out.

dogs hate baths

 Loves to swim

And play in water

Act's like it is the end of the world when it's bath time.

This is totally Sierra!  She loves to swim and play in water but absolutely HATES baths.  She does act like it is the end of the world when we give her a bath.  I have now idea why as she's never had a traumatic bath experience or at least that's how we see it.

If we even if we say the word. “bath” Sierra starts getting frantic and will jump on us if to say, “Please don't give me a bath.” and “I don't need a bath.”  It's actually kind of funny but annoying when we actually need to give her a bath.  Like now since she hasn't had one for awhile due to the harsh and cold winter.

Cody is not a fan of baths either but he at least tolerates it.  To make things easier on ourselves we sometimes like to use a local DIY dog washing facility.  It can be sort of annoying to have to have wet dog smell in the car for awhile but it saves a lot of time.

How are is your dog when you give them a bath?  Do they put up a fight or do they like getting clean?


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