It’s Cold Today, but we Still Play

Today the cold temperatures came back.  The temperature fluctuated between 20-30 degrees Fahrenheit today.  Since we were enjoying the First Days of Spring this wasn't something the dogs and I were thrilled about.

It seems that Spring has left Temporarily… again.  Spring is not here for good and Winter seems to be holding on for dear life.  Sort of crazy since this is the end of March.  However even though it was cold today, we still play.  We always like to play Frisbee in the yard regardless of how cold it is.  Ok, not really me but Cody and Sierra do.  See the picture of Cody below.

cody frisbeeEven with the cold temperatures the yard is still quite muddy.  The dogs ruin all the grass in the Spring and we can't seem to get it to grow back so there is no mud.  If you have a suggestion for this issue let us know.

Also an FYI, we are getting more snow tomorrow apparently.  From what I've read and heard 1-3 inches of snow.   Snow will be back in Maryland! 🙁

By the way how do you like the title for this post?  I thought it was pretty catchy.

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