Cody defending his Attention Time [Picture]

Since I haven't posted in while I thought I would share this picture we found recently while trying to organize some files.  (Not real files but computer files.)  This was a funny picture of Cody and Sierra back when Sierra was just a little fluff ball, also known as a puppy.  Check it out, we think it's kind of cute.

cody vs sierraCody wasn't too happy with Sierra since she changed everything and was getting a lot more attention than he thought she should.  He's just trying to defend his “turf” and his attention time from the family.

We noticed that Cody's personality changed a lot from a spoiled only dog too a being a “grown-up” dog when Sierra came into the mix.  He was pretty hard on her, still is mostly, but things have changed.  Cody plays with Sierra and tolerates her being around… but probably wouldn't mind if she left and things got back-to-normal in his mind.

Have you ever introduced a puppy into your family when you already had a dog?  Had did the dog react to a puppy?  Was it good or bad?

We will try to find fun pictures of the Singing Dogs and do short and quick posts.  What do you think Cody is saying here?  We'd love to hear opinions and comments.

2 thoughts on “Cody defending his Attention Time [Picture]”

  1. Our dog hated the puppy (once it was past the little furball stage) we had. Eventually, though, when it became clear that the new dog had serious health issues (he had liver cancer), our dog lightened up and treated him fondly until he died. We have an exceedingly jealous dog, so we were pretty iffy about bringing home a puppy, but it turned out well, even though it only lasted four years.

    1. Sorry to hear that you had a dog with serious health issues Aaron. It must have been hard that the puppy only lived for 4 years.

      Nice to know your other dog is compassionate when someone is ill though.

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