Lazy Singing Dog

We haven't uploaded a new video for awhile, but I think this one is pretty good.  Sierra does a great rendition of a Jazz Classic while being a Lazy Singing Dog.  What do you think?

I like how Sierra is so expressive with her voice, even when lying down and relaxing.  Shows just how musically inclined my girl is.  Even if she isn't always on key, I still think she has pretty good singing chops.  It's not like she attended music school or anything, you know.  Sierra is a completely self taught singer.

By the way, instead of me telling people what the sing is I thought it would be fun if people took a guess. Does anyone know what the song I am playing on my saxophone is in the video? Brownie points to anyone that leaves a comment below and knows what the song is.

Our July 4th Today Show Segment

Some of you probably might have heard we were on The Today Show on July 4th, 2013.  For those were not able to see the show here is the segment.  It was called “Today's Take” and featured Mel B, aka Scary Spice, from the Spice Girls.  Apparently she is not a dog person though.

Even though Scary Spice didn't like Cody and Sierra's singing and version of the Star Spangled Banner we hope to have another chance to be on The Today Show.  I like how Willie Geist says, “Alright, getting technical with dogs.” jokingly.  Clearly Willie is more of a dog person I guess.

What did you think of Scary Spice's opinion of the Cody and Sierra's “singing?”  Did you think it was a fair or unfair assessment of the dogs musical talents?

Singing Dogs perform “God Save the Queen” to celebrate Royal Baby

Most people know the song “God Save the Queen” but I bet you have never heard a version as good as this before.  At least that is what Cody and Sierra think about their performance of the British National Anthem.

In anticipation of the birth of Prince William's and Kate Middleton's Royal Baby, Cody and Sierra wanted to celebrate the occasion by performing their rendition of God Save the Queen.  Since they are English Shepherds that means the Singing Dogs are technically English you know.

Even though we don't know if the royal baby is going to be a boy or a girl both of the dogs thought it was a good patriotic tribute to their ancestral homeland.  If the royal baby does turn out to be a girl, that would mean eventually she could be the Queen of England.  If the baby is a boy I guess we need to make a song called “God Save the King.”

The whole world seems to be getting excited about the royal baby as some are resorting to silliness in waiting for news on William and Kate's first child.  Royal baby name generators and smartphone apps and games have been popular over the last few days.  For British gambling institutions it seems the royal baby is great for business as people are placing bets on everything from name, sex, and date of birth.  The royal baby is drawing record betting for a non-sports event apparently.  What do you think about all the royal baby hype?

Anyway we hope that Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, and Katherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, have a healthy, and cute royal baby.  We also hope that they have a little bit of privacy to enjoy their first child but being part of the royal family I wouldn't necessarily count on it. If you see our version of “God Save the Queen” hopefully the new baby will enjoy it and like dogs, singing dogs of course.

god save the queen

Cody & Sierra Rock the Mission Impossible theme song

mission impossible theme song

Do you love the Mission Impossible movies?  If you do chances are you love the Mission Impossible theme song too.  If that is the case then you are going to love this next video from Cody and Sierra, also know as the Singing Dogs.

Sierra really likes to sing to the Mission Impossible theme song but I am not sure why she does.  Maybe Sierra secretly hopes she could be a spy dog and go on secret missions with Ethan Hunt, the character Tom Cruise plays in the movies.

Cody also gets pretty into the theme song as well.  I think my favorite part is when he picks-up the ball and starts trying to squeak along to the beat of the song.  For some reason or another Cody then decides it is better to sing along to the Mission Impossible theme song, so he just keeps the ball in his mouth and just sings.  (Ronan the Seal Lion doesn't have anything on Cody!)

When this was video was shot I was still learning to play the Mission Impossible theme song.  It's kind of tricky since it is a 5/4 time and I don't play many songs with a 5/4 timing.  You just need to add an extra beat to counting 4, which is the time most songs are written in, but remembering to count the extra beat is hard when you are wired to count in 4 beats.  I also need to practice the phrasing of the theme song more to get it down.  Maybe Cody, Sierra, and I can record another version and video when I know the Mission Impossible theme song in and out.  The dogs already have it down! 🙂

Anyway I hope people enjoy our rendition of what is one of the coolest and slickest theme songs to a movie ever!  Thanks to Lalo Schifrin for composing it for movie audiences around the world to enjoy for all these years.

If you think a family, friend, acquaintance would like this video, please share.  We are always happy to know when people enjoy our music enough to share with others and brighten their day.

Cat Loves (or Hates) Singing Dogs

cat loves singing dogs

If you think two Singing Dogs was funny, how about a Cat that Loves Singing Dogs?  I got an email today from a no-kill animal shelter down in Tennessee, The Tennessee Humane Animal League, who sent me this video of Jackie one of there available cats for adoptions.

Here is what they said about Jackie when they play our original ‘Auld Lang Syne‘ video (which got us on Anderson by the way) for this smart cat;

“Apparently it effects cats too. see attached. Jackie has never done this. I tested it three times. Every time I started the video and she heard it, she came running over and did the same thing… “singing dogs” blog is not just for dogs.”

I think that Jackie the cat loves singing dogs, but what about you?  Does the keyboard pawing mean she doesn't like it and wants it to stop?   Leave a comment below and let me know what you think.

If you are interested in adopting Jackie click here.

Jackie is a calm, laid back, friendly girl.  This Tuxedo beauty with medium length fur was born March 31, 2007.  Jackie is in fantastic shape – her weight is ideal.  She has high contrast white whiskers against her dark face and a smattering of white that runs up the length of her nose.

Jackie is affectionate with people and starts making biscuits with her front paws when you talk to her.  She would love a home where she can nap on soft blankets, sit in windows, and be part of the activities of her family – especially if the activity involves time together.  Jackie is fearful of dogs and would prefer a home where no dogs can bother her.

In the listing for Jackie it says she is fearful of dogs, but judging from the video I am not so sure.  Hopefully this wonderful kitty can find a good home soon.

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Sierra’s “Auld Lang Syne” Version is a Viral Video!

Happy New Year everyone!  I am sure that almost everyone in the world knows and heard “Auld Lang Syne” on New Year's Eve.  The famous Scottish Melody they play in Times Square and basically everywhere when the clock strikes midnight.

Sierra's lazy version of Auld Lang Syne is starting to become a viral video!  It was shown on Good Morning America on December 31st. 2012 for the “Play of the Day” segment where they showcase funny videos from around the internet.  From there it seemed to pick up steam as it was posted on MSN Now, Babble, and ton of other websites and blogs.  The video was even posted on  Cheezburger and Buzzfeed which really boosted our numbers.

I assumed Sierra's Auld Lang Syne video would be slowing down in view counts yesterday and today, but keep checking and the Youtube view counter keep going up by a couple thousand views each time I look.  Last time I checked was just before 12pm EST and view counter was just under 35,000.  It's nice so many people love Sierra. and Cody's soft background, singing to the sounds of the saxophone.  (Well, some comments you read not everyone likes singing dogs.)

Let's keep up that view counting rolling and keep sharing Sierra's Auld Lang Syne video to ring in the New Year.  We hope we can spread joy and cheer around the world with our videos and we are glad that it's being shared so much.

Do you have a New Year's resolution?  Please leave a comment below and let us know!

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