Sierra in a Red Raincoat and Cody

dog raincoatYesterday the weather wasn't all that great since it was raining and a bit cold.  It warmed up a little compared to the last couple of days but it still wasn't a great day to walk the two dogs.

Since we don't like spending a lot of time cleaning and drying wet dogs after we come back to the house from walks we bought these raincoats for our dogs.  We thought it was a bit ridiculous but they've come in handy considering how inexpensive they were and how useful they are.  With our old dog Roger we used to just use a cut up trashbag which worked pretty well.

Sierra doesn't like her red raincoat too much as she runs away when I get it our or try to put it on her.  I think she feels embarrassed and she isn't wild about dog clothes.  When we are on walks we notice many people point and laugh in their cars.  Perhaps Sierra knows this?  Cody has a similar reaction but usually is more ok with it.

Unfortunately for muddy dog paws we have to use our method bucket and cup method.  We try to avoid mud on walks if possible though.  Still the dogs get wet and we have to dry them off a little.

sierra cody What do you do when it rains and you have to take your dogs out?

No Dogs on Grass! What Grass?

no dogs on grass snowI hope everyone and their pets got through the Polar Vortex ok.  Most of the country experienced record breaking temperatures yesterday and this morning.  Unless of course you live in Southern California in which case the rest of the country hates all of you and all the snarky social media posts and comments about how warm it is Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange County, etc.

Anyway, I thought for Wordless Wednesday it would be fun to post a snow related picture.  Sometimes we pass this “No Dogs on Grass” sign while walking Cody and Sierra.  While I understand why they specify “No Dogs on Grass” if you check the picture you will see there is no grass.  So it's not a rule we needed to follow since there was snow on the ground.

It should be noted this picture was not taken during the Polar Vortex since we did not have snow yesterday it was just incredibly cold.  We took it when we had snow on the ground last week, which was not too long ago.  If you like our Wordless Wednesday picture please let us know.

Cody and Sierra sitting on a Stone Wall [Picture]

Yesterday I posted a fun picture of Cody and Sierra when Sierra was a puppy.  The picture showed just how hard it is for older dogs when adding a puppy to the family.

Since that picture was bit high energy I thought I'd share this calm picture.

sierra cody lookoutSierra took cues from Cody and wanted to be with him when he was keeping a “lookout” over the yard and house.  I like how in the picture she is next time him and looking the other way.  She also liked to cuddle with Cody when he was napping outside.  Unsure if he was happy about that.  Of course we thought it was cute and funny that she was following around her big brother just like a little sister would.

Having a puppy is fun, but it's nice when a dog grows up and there are no more “messes” in the house.  Do you think everyone loves puppies?


Cody defending his Attention Time [Picture]

Since I haven't posted in while I thought I would share this picture we found recently while trying to organize some files.  (Not real files but computer files.)  This was a funny picture of Cody and Sierra back when Sierra was just a little fluff ball, also known as a puppy.  Check it out, we think it's kind of cute.

cody vs sierraCody wasn't too happy with Sierra since she changed everything and was getting a lot more attention than he thought she should.  He's just trying to defend his “turf” and his attention time from the family.

We noticed that Cody's personality changed a lot from a spoiled only dog too a being a “grown-up” dog when Sierra came into the mix.  He was pretty hard on her, still is mostly, but things have changed.  Cody plays with Sierra and tolerates her being around… but probably wouldn't mind if she left and things got back-to-normal in his mind.

Have you ever introduced a puppy into your family when you already had a dog?  Had did the dog react to a puppy?  Was it good or bad?

We will try to find fun pictures of the Singing Dogs and do short and quick posts.  What do you think Cody is saying here?  We'd love to hear opinions and comments.

Wordless Wednesday: Beautiful Pictures of Cody and Sierra

I was looking for some good pictures of Cody and Sierra for this Wordless Wednesday BlogHop and dug up these gems I took awhile ago with our Canon Rebel with a standard 50mm lens.  I think it shows what that quality camera equipment really makes all the difference when taking pictures.

English shepherd english shepherdIf you are thinking of investing in a better point-and-shoot or DSLR (Digital Single Len Reflex) camera I would highly recommend spend the money.  Your smartphone pictures might come out ok and I've taken plenty of good ones, but you can't compare that with the quality you get from better camera equipment in my opinion.

What do professional and amateur photographers think?  Do you get annoyed when people think their smartphones can do the job?  How do you convince you friends, family, neighbors, etc. that you've got the good equipment?