Cat in the Yard, Cat in Tree

Hope everyone is having a great weekend.  The dogs are loving that it's finally nice Spring weather.

This past week we had a cat come into the yard.  Unsure of why a cat would come into a yard with two medium sized dogs and has clear signs that say “Beware of Dog.”  Of course cats can't read but I thought they had a good sense of smell.  Can't they smell dogs?  I guess not.

Anyway what happened was I was inside doing work when I heard Sierra, at least I assume it was her, make a loud wailing sound.  It was unlike anything I had ever heard from the dogs so I thought she might be hurt or something.  I ran outside and saw that both Singing Dogs were fine but were clearly chasing and barking at something around the yard.  It seems that they had forced whatever it was up into a tree.  After I walked over and looked up at the tree both dogs were incessantly barking up I spotted what they were annoyed by and thought, “What was it that in the tree?”  It looked like it might be a raccoon or rodent from my angle.  I realized after walking around to get a better view it was a cat in tree which looked a bit surprised by the predicament it was in.

cat in treeI let both singing dogs bark at the cat for awhile since it was extremely hard to control them.  They seemed quite annoyed by this breach of territory and property.  Cody was jumping on the tree and it almost looked it he was trying to climb it to get to the cat.  Sierra just sat and whined, barked, whined some more, and kept barking.  I thought maybe both of them would get tired of doing this but they didn't let up barking.

singing dogs cat in treeSince we wanted to keep on good terms with our neighbors, and their barking was starting to annoy me, I corralled them inside.  I gave both singing dogs a treat and said, “Good dogs!” since they were guarding the property and house.  I mean that is what dogs are for, right?

I noticed they drank a lot of water since they were tired from all the barking and running around the tree.  Luckily for us they were tired from the whole ordeal for the rest of the day.  Hey, maybe the cat should come into the yard more often. 🙂

Still what's odd to me is that I saw the cat in the yard earlier in the day I believe it say both Cody and Sierra, but they didn't notice the cat.  So I don't know what the cat would have come back into the yard later in the day.  Maybe it assumed both dogs were not in the yard or were harmless?  We probably won't be seeing that cat again anytime soon.

In case anyone is wondering later when I went outside I noticed the cat was not in the tree and left the yard.  So at least I didn't need to get a ladder or call the fire department to get the cat out of the tree.

Ever had an issue with a cat wondering into your yard with dogs?  Did the cat get stuck in tree or get down?  What did your dog(s) think of the cat?

2 thoughts on “Cat in the Yard, Cat in Tree”

  1. Christine says:

    We have two cats in the house with our Minnie Aussie and ONB Jake the English shepherd.. Jake is mostly indifferent to the cats. He doesn’t like them sniffing him Doesn’t like them coming near if he is chewing on his Nylabone. Have to tell him to be nice. One of the cats loves to rub up against his front legs which he tolerates well.

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