Book: Sugar’s Furry Friend

Thought I would let everyone know that we just finished reading Sugar's Furry Friend by Maria Rosalyn Acero.  It chronicles Sugar, the golden retriever, fun adventures with a chipmunk in her backyard.  Like most dogs Sugar loves chasing small rodents, but especially this particular chipmunk.

We think “Sugar's Funny Friend” a great children's book since it has nicely drawn pictures and fun story, but there is also an educational component too.  At the end of the book there is an explanation of terms for everything that was mentioned in the book that a small child might not know yet or completely understand.  We think it would make a great gift for the upcoming Holidays.

The children's book is currently only available on Kindle, but it shouldn't matter if you don't have one.  Amazon makes Kindle app available on many different platforms.

We actually got to meet Sugar and Rosalyn at BarkWorld recently.  (Not sure if that makes us biased.)  Even though Sugar is a senior dog she was still on the lookout for treats as you can tell from the picture below! 🙂

sugars furry friend

Wish I had a better picture of Sugar, but is what I have!

If you want to checkout more of Sugar and her exploits and adventures checkout the Golden Woofs Blog.  It's been going strong since 2008!

2 thoughts on “Book: Sugar’s Furry Friend”

  1. Lots of Golden Thanks. Hope to see you guys at BlogPaws 2014. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar n mom Rosalyn

    1. We hope to see you guys at BlogPaws 2014 in Las Vegas too. Maybe to cover the cost of going Cody, Sierra, and I will have to make a children’s book and sell it.

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