Beating out a Wikipedia Page in Google is Damn Hard

wikipedia pageSome of you that follow Singing Dogs closely might remember we posted that we had a 1 SERP Ranking in Google.  (I should clarify we rank first for a text links to a website and webpage.  Videos technically have the 1 number spot.)  We were all pretty happy about this SEO development for our website… until I noticed a week later we dropped down to the 2nd spot in Google for the search phrase “Singing Dogs.”

I'll admit to everyone that I've been in a battle with a Wikipedia page for the number 1 position ever since.  (If you are curios to know that page is about New Guinea Singing Dogs.  I wonder if Cody and Sierra are related?)  For now and as of this writing we have the number 1 spot again but it was a lot of work trying to reclaim the SERP (search engine result pages) position in Google.

While I always knew that trying to outrank a Wikipedia page is damn hard, I didn't realize it was going to be this hard.  Especially considering the search term “Singing Dogs” doesn't get as many monthly search queries as you would expect.  Also it annoys me that Google changes it's algorithm so readily and it still doesn't take down spammy and crappy pages, even if you report them.

I'm curios to know if any pet bloggers, other types of bloggers, search marketers, etc. have also had a similarly difficult experience of trying to outrank a Wikipedia page in Google?  What about for non-competitive keywords and search phrases?  Was it still hard to dethrone the monster that is Wikipedia?

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