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barkworld 2013

BarkWorld 2013 is just around the corner and the Singing Dogs still haven't gotten tickets yet.  Why?  Well we were hoping to win the Blog Your Way to BarkWorld challenge but unfortunately we didn't win. While we thought our “9 Reasons I need to attend BarkWorld 2013” entry was really well done there were many other great entries to the blog competition.

Even though we didn't win we are still hoping that we can attend BarkWorld 2013.  If you are interseting in sponsoring us please send me an email- adam@singingdogs.net.  If you were to sponsor my trip to the BarkWorld I would be willing to wear a T-shirtdis playing your logo and brand during the days at BarkWorld and run an ad  on Singing Dogs for a set amount of time.  Additionally I can tell people about your products, the benefits, and hand out samples if you want.  We can also discuss marketing opportunities possibly with the Cody and Sierra if that interests you.

While in Atalanta I can arrange to stay at someone's house offsite from the location where BarkWorld is taking place.  That means a sponsor only has to pay for my airfare to attend as well as the admission price ($129 before July 31st) to get in.  Of course if a sponsor would like to pay for a hotel as well, I wouldn't mind at all.  It makes attending blog conferences a lot easier and gives you additional time to schmooze with attendees. 🙂

Anyway if you are interested in sponsoring the Singing Dogs for BarkWorld 2013 please contact asap!  We would love to attend and represent your brand.

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