Another English Shepherd at the Park

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile on this blog but things can get hectic.  I thought I'd let people know that we spotted another English Shepherd at the park again.

The dog's name was Maestro and looked A LOT like Sierra since he was a tri-color too but he is a boy.  His body shape reminded us of Cody since he had a bigger head and a broader chest.  So it was a dog that had Sierra's coloring but was kind of like Cody.  🙂

I took this picture but it was hard to get a good a good shot with Cody, Sierra, and Maestro in the same one while there were not all running around.

english shepherd

When they were running around the park it was hard to tell at a distance which dog Sierra was.  You had to look hard but Sierra is distinctive even when next to other tri-color dogs.

Seems funny as when we first got Cody and Sierra it seemed like the breed was extremely rare.  Now it seems every other week we meet a dog that is an English Shepherd or looks like an English Shepherd mix.  We've seen many other English Shepherds in the area so far.  Wonder how many others there are?

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