1 SERP ranking in Google for “Singing Dogs”

Thought I would let everyone in on some good news for the Singing Dogs.  We now have a number 1 search engine results page (SERP) ranking for the term “Singing Dogs.”  See the screenshot I took below;

singing dogs serp

This makes me pretty excited since I've been working on getting our website to the number 1 Google spot for quite a long time.  It feels good to finally outrank everyone else for the term even if it is not highly searched for.

I wish we had a video in the first two spots, but hey, you can't win ever single battle.

4 thoughts on “1 SERP ranking in Google for “Singing Dogs””

  1. That’s AWESOME!! Congrats, Adam. I know how hard you’ve been working, so I’m very happy for you to see it all paying off! Keep it up!

  2. Great News! I just realized this too as I was looking for your site.

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