The First Noel

I just finished editing and uploading our latest Christmas song, The First Noel.  Check out the new video here;

The First Noel – Merry Christmas!

It’s a Christmas caroling classic and Sierra really enjoys singing along to it. I only made a few takes of this song but I felt this one came out the best.  Sometimes Sierra just stops in the middle of the song and gets distracted.  Here she has an itch she feels she has to take care of I guess.  There is usually something wrong with each The First Noel takes we did so you just use whichever came out best on video.  (We have better audio versions but sometimes the Singing Dogs are not in the frame.)

Unfortunately Cody seems to not like The First Noel so much as it seems he doesn’t feel like this is one of his “songs” he can sing along to.  Cody tends to like more Rhythm and Blues songs where he can express his deeper baritone-bass voice honestly.  At least he enjoyed listening from the other room I was told.  He does at least appreciate music, more than other dogs.

Anyway, sorry we haven’t been posting as much videos lately but I hope The First Noel satisfies fans of the Singing Dogs.  We hope that you will considering donating any money or other items that are needed by animal rescues and shelters this time time of year.  We’ve done rescue work in the past fostering dogs and it can be a rewarding and joyful experience.

Merry Christmas! …or Happy Christmas as they say in the UK.  What are doing this holiday season?  Do you have any special requests for the singing dogs?

SnapLeash Review

Recently I was contacted by a company called SnapLeash as they were interested in having us do a review of one of their leashes.

SnapLeash Review

Ok, so what makes a dog leash cool?  Basically the SnapLeash is pretty simple in its design.  It looks like a regular thick nylon dog leash but if you notice there are metal grommets in the middle and on both ends there are two swivel hooks for attaching to leashes or the SnapLeash itself to make a loop.  Basically this is one of those inventions you hold in your hands and say to yourself, “How come I didn’t think of this?”

The first way to use the SnapLeash is basically as a regular leash with one dog.  You can hook the leash to their collar and make the other end into a loop so it’s easier to hold the leash and handle your dog.  What I like about the SnapLeash is how it feels durable and well constructed when you hold it.  I feel comfortable handling our 50+ pound English Shepherds with it.   So as a regular leash it works well.

What caught me eye about the SnapLeash initially is that you could walk two dogs at the same time with one leash.  This is something I’ve been trying to figure out for awhile and when I got the email from SnapLeash it was a no-brainer to have them send me a unit.

The SnapLeash makes walking both dogs at the same time easier.  Of course walking two dogs on the same leash is more convenient for the owner but not the dogs.  Cody and Sierra seem to like the freedom of two leashes and getting them used to one leash would take a bit of time.  Both Singing Dogs pull in either direction so that makes the SnapLeash size feel short.  This isn’t really a flaw in design but maybe more a flaw in our dog training.

Obviously if you see the videos below the crowning achievement of the SnapLeash is the fact you can hook it easily to a pole, post, or something secure while you are at the park or you are at a restaurant.  We all know holding dog leashes while eating, drinking, or reading is  a pain and no fun at all.  To test out the SnapLeash we went to the park and secured one end of the leash around a tree while we walked around to assess the sturdiness.  I was impressed with how easy and painless it was to utilize the SnapLeash to secure Sierra.  Normally with regular dog leashes this process would have taken me a lot more time and trying to figure out how to do some special knot.  (Knots are not my specialty.)  I could enjoy the park without my dogs if I wanted… of course they wouldn’t like that. :)

My biggest complaint about the SnapLeash is the metal grommets on the leash make it uncomfortable to hold for long periods of time.  Obviously this is what makes the SnapLeash useful, but this might be an issue for some.  Maybe it needs a sleeve to improve grip comfort because I imagine other people would have the same complaint.  Also I don’t like the idea that people are leaving their dogs for long periods of time with the SnapLeash unattended.  Where we live dog kidnappings are somewhat common and I’d hate for people to get to comfortable with any device to secure a dog without making sure they are ok.  If I go into a store to get food or something with Cody or Sierra attached to pole outside, I always make sure I can see them through the window at all times.  It’s unlikely but you never know.  As long as owners are aware it’s dangerous to leave a friendly dog unattended for too long it’s a great product.

I thought this dog leash was pretty cool.

Overall I’ve been impressed with the SnapLeash.  It has simple functionality, good construction, and I’m sure a lot of dog owners who have used it really like it.

If you have any questions about the SnapLeash feel free to leave comments below and I’ll try to answer them as best I can.

SnapLeash Videos

Editor’s Note – SnapLeash sent a unit of the company’s product to review.  While we did receive a complimentary SnapLeash to review we did not get any monetary compensation to write this article about our opinions of the dog leash.  This review reflects my honest opinions about the product and using it as a dog owner.  

Sierra’s Enjoys Chews on her Back

While this isn’t a video of Sierra singing along to any songs I thought I would share it anyway, as I’m glad I caught her with the camcorder.  (Usually when I’ve tried to videotape her doing this I’m too late when I return ready to shoot.)  You see, Sierra is quite dexterous with her paws and always enjoys chews.  Combine these qualities together and you have a dog her back that carefully holds a chews in her mouth and makes sure it doesn’t go anywhere with her paws.

Dog Chewing Upside Down

Does your dog do something funny with chews too?  Please let us know with a comment below.


Cody’s 7th Birthday

Thought I’d just give people a quick heads-up that it is Cody’s 7th Birthday today.  Amazing to think our sweet guy has been around for that long.  It seems like just yesterday we were celebrating Cody’s 6th birthday.  I also feel like not too long ago he was a little fluff ball, puppy, biting at our pant legs.  Here are some videos of Cody as a puppy.

Cody with a Chew as a Puppy

Cody eats his First Apple

He was such a CUTE puppy.  He looked like stuffed animal and was really soft.

Cody has grown up to be a smart, sweet, and great dog in all the years we have had him.  Sometimes he is a bit brazen but he has always been a loyal dog.  (Unless someone else has a chuck it at the park.)  In addition he is quite a proud dog and shows it.

I’m unsure what we are planning to do today for Cody’s 7th birthday.  Likely we will take him to the park and possibly go get Frozen Yogurt with him and Sierra.  Both singing dogs love getting frozen yogurt.  If people have a suggestions for good dog birthday activities we’d be happy to hear them.

Happy Birthday Cody!

The Girl from Ipanema [VIDEO]

Today we have decided to go to Brazil for our latest video, “The Girl From Ipanema“.  Sierra sings  probably one of the best known song’s in entire the world.  It certainly is used in movies and TV a lot and is used to create a “Brazilian” or South American sound.

So here is the Singing Dogs version.  Just as an FYI, Sierra doesn’t start singing until about 30 seconds into this video.  She really needs to moved by the music to sing.  She is after all a diva.

 The Girl from Ipanema

Notice that we decided to be outside since it is summer.  It isn’t as hot as it is in Brazil but it can get pretty humid in Maryland sometimes.

The Girl from Ipanema was made famous by the tenor saxophone player Stan Getz.  He collaborated with the Brazilian guitarist Joao Gilberto for the 1964 album Getz/Gilberto where the “The Girl from Ipanema” was first heard.  The song also featured Astrud, Gliberto’s wife (then).  Astrud Gilberto is known as the Queen of Bossa Nova for singing on that track and on the album.

The Girl from Ipanema is an extremely well known song and epitomizes the “Bossa Nova” sound.  Bossa Nova is a subset of Jazz but is influenced by Brazilian music and rhythms which gives it a lain flare.  Ipanema is beach in Rio de Janiero and the Getz/Gilberto introduced Bossa Nova to the world.  There are many other great songs on the album like “Desafindo” and “Quiet Night of Quite Stars.”  We might have to do versions of these Bossa Nova tunes in the future.

Sierra wanted to do “The Girl from Ipanema” since she thought it was a kind of sad that Brazil had that horrible loss against Germany in the semi-final of the World Cup.  Then the Brazilian national soccer team played the Netherlands for third place they lost 3-0.  It was disappointing since Soccer (natives like Adriana Lima call it football) in Brazil is such a big part of the national identity.  This would be like the United States losing an international tournament in Baseball or American Football.

Hopefully Brazilians around the world appreciate Sierra’s version of “The Girl from Ipanema” and it makes you feel happy.  The real question is why a singing dogs wouldn’t make you feel happy?

Bella Notte from Lady and the Tramp

It’s been awhile since we’ve had time to record another video, edit it, and upload it to Youtube.  We have a special song with the Singing Dogs for all of our fans today though, Bella Notte.

If you don’t know Bella Notte you probably know what the song is even if it doesn’t sound familiar.  Have seen the Disney animated movie Lady and the Tramp? Remember the seen when they are having dinner with spaghetti and meatballs and they are playing music?  Well that song is Bella Notte and we thought it would be an ideal song for two Singing Dogs to perform.  Since you know, Lady and The Tramp is about dogs.  Of course they don’t sing in the movie.

While we didn’t give Cody and Sierra spaghetti I believe their version of the song is pretty good.  Check out our rendition of Bella Notte below.

Bella Notte – Lady and the Tramp

Not sure if Cody would describe himself as a “Tramp.”  Of course right now he and Sierra could really use a bath.  If anyone would like to volunteer for this and is in the area please let me know.  :)

Sierra would definitely think of herself as a “Lady.”  Actually she probably thinks of herself as the “Queen” and should be treated as such.

This isn’t the first time we’ve done movie songs by the way.  Cody and Sierra have also done versions of the Mission Impossible Theme Song and My Favorite Things from the Sound of Music.   A famous song from an action series, a much loved song from a great musical, and a nice Italian song from a Disney movie.

Just as a fun side note in Italian “Bella Notte” means “Beautiful Night.”  It’s in the lyrics to Bella Notte but most people don’t know that so I thought I’d mentioned it here.

Lately I’ve had other commitments and things to do but I’d really like to start posting more videos of the Singing Dogs.  Over the Summer we are going to try to do a lot more songs.  I realized out last video we posted on here was Sierra Rubber her Scent on a Ball.  Probably now what some people want see from the Singing Dogs.  We already have some other videos uploaded we just need to do minor editing before they go live on Youtube.  Remember to subscribe to our Youtube channel to get future updates when we post new videos.

If you liked our version of Bella Notte please let us know below.  Have any other movie or Disney songs you’d like to see us play?  Let us know below.  We hope everyone has a beautiful night.